Minutes September 2018

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council held in Clifford Community Centre on Thursday 13th September 2018 7.30 p.m.       

Christine Bates (clerk)                                    Richard Mighall

Phillip Price County Councillor                         David Jones (Chairman)

Margaret Davies                                             Will Bullough (Vice Chairman)

John Neville                                                   Simon Forrester

David Morgan                                                  Candia Compton

Billie Jones

1)   Apologies, Matthew Lloyd Martin Preece

2)   Declaration of Interests – None

3)   Approval of Minutes of the Council Meeting dated July 12th 2018 all agreed to be a true record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman.

4)   Neighbourhood Plan – Next Meeting October date TBC

5)   Update Planning MTG Westbrook Court 5 detached holiday accommodation Chairman attended the planning meeting expressed the views of the local Clifford residents objecting.

6)   Priory Wood Common – Management of commons, clerk to request via link to  ask all Parishioners for thoughts on how they would like the management of the commons these views would be taken into account, Richard Mighall to hold the Meeting 1st November Clifford Community Centre.

7)   Finance :Clifford Parish Councillors Nothing to approve payment for –

8)   Reporting information Highways –  Dorstone clerk provided summary and recommendations for the need for resurfacing B4348 there was a survey  posted on DFR website findings concluded the focus and main area in need Kingstone and Peterchurch. Councillors support their findings.

9)   PRO Update – John Neville –  Usual clearing of undergrowth.  John  has repaired a stile upright on CL 24 and re-fixed a handrail on WVW. Last Monday Howard Jones installed a metal bridle gate on the Middlewood side of the WVW at the point where the lane meets the woodland. John reported to have  had a very useful meeting with Paul Norris to see the problem on CL38 where there needs to be a stile and a bridge over the ditch.

They also met with Trevor James to look at Derry Wood where the stile has been in the wrong place for over 30 years. Balfour will be sending him a stile or gate to install and he will clear the path in the correct place.  He will also deal with a fallen tree over the stream below Newton Farm. Paul Norris has logged the fact that a bridge needs to be installed again at this stream.

10)       Update Commons Officer:  Priory Wood Common Ownership.  A request had been made to the Land Registry to reconsider its decision not to grant the Parish Council ownership of 6 of the 22 plots of Priory Wood Common which the Land Registry had previously indicated did not qualify for Council ownership. A reply was awaited. Open Spaces Society. It was agreed that Richard Mighall would be reimbursed the 2018 subscription fee of £33 which he had paid to the Open Spaces Society.

11) County Councillor:. Monthly Report Attached

12) Consider Planning

Meeting closed 20:40 Next meeting to be held on Thursday

November 13th 2018 at Clifford Community Centre. Meeting Starts 7.30pm