Minutes September 13th 2007

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council
In Clifford Community Centre at 7.30pm on September 13th 2007

Present: Margaret Davies (Chairman) Christine Bates (Clerk)
Candia Compton (Vice Chairman) Gill Grove
William Bullough David Morgan Thomas Wilkinson James Towersey
PD Price County Councillor
Richard Mighall (PROW)

1. Apologies for absence: Anthony Williams & Thomas Davies
Short Introduction by Mr Price County Councillor

2. Declarations of Interest –

3. Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings dated Thursday July 12th 2007 agreed and signed by the Chairman.

4. Finance: –

a) Lenghtsman – Invoice for £300 submitted payment agreed by the Councillors.
b) Open Spaces Society– Invoiced received for membership of open Spaces Society. Payment agreed by the Council
c) Hall Fees – Invoice for £60 12 months Hall fees May 07 – April 08.

5. Clifford Common. Village Green – Following the open meeting it was agreed the Clerk to write update in the link as follows.
At an open meeting called for by Clifford Parish Council on 13th September at 7pm, and to which all parishioners were invited, the following points were agreed concerning the management of Priory Common and the ownership and management of Priory Wood Village Green
Priory Common: The common, which is opposite the chapel and is owned by the Parish council, will continue to be mowed once a year.
Priory Wood Village Green: The Green, which is on three plots, and for which formal village Green status is being sought, will continue to be maintained for recreational purposes.

Plot 1, which is located to the north of oak Cottage between Cheyney cottage/ Porking Barn and Cedardene, will have regulary mowed paths through it and will be given a full topping once a year. Mr and Mrs Southall kindly offered to provide a bench to be located on the plot.

Plot 2, which is triangularly shaped, bisected by track, located to the east of Oak Cottage and bordered by the unclassified roads UC 75202 and 75203, will be mowed on the side west of the track once a year. The area to the east of the track will have regularly mowed paths through it and will be given a complete topping once a year; wild flowers will be sown and trees planted; seats will be provided in a central area.

Plot 3, which is located adjacent to Well Cottage, will be mown regularly to allow public footpath and vehicle access to the field on the northern boundary.
A Management Committee will be formed to oversee the work on the Green. Should you wish to participate please contact Will Bullough.
Chairman gave thanks to the Councillors in particular Tom Wilkinson for his continued support and work with the local Police in monitoring and management of the incident of the travellers occupying the Priory Common. Tom Wilkinson felt as he lived in such close proximity to the common it would not be advantageous for him to take this role, should the travellers return.

6. Haven ongoing issues – Update given by Mary Morgan (please see attached report) Chairman Margaret Davies and Mr Price County Councillor to attend meeting at the Haven.

7. Village Phone Box – Reports that the village phone box had been vandalised, some uncertainty if telephone was a card only telephone. Candia Compton to investigate

8. Reclaiming the Golden Valley Identity– Minutes of the Peterchurch Parish council meeting dated the 14th August, requested agreement to jointly fund the erection of brown (Tourist) signs “ to The Golden Valley” Councillors agreed that a sign saying “To The Golden Valley” has no advantage for Clifford and therefore clerk to reply in writing that Clifford do not object to the signs however are not willing to contribute to cost of these signs.

9. Update Speed Indicator Device (Sid) / Speed Trolley –
Speed indicator device Hereford Council wrote with the view of parishes purchasing these devices as a deterrent for speeding traffic.
Speed Trolley communication from the Peterchurch Police inviting members of the council to attend meeting on this device. Councillor Gill Grove to attend meeting and report back.

10. 7. PROW

a) Priory Common –Richard continues his pursuit of the change with the land registry.
b) Registration of Priory Wood Village Green – Notice have been
Posted to change land to Village Green. However objections have been received and this could result in a long delay.
c) Adoption of Bake Lane as Public Bridleway – No change awaiting response from Definitive Map Modification Officer (CofHDC).

Clifford Common – The common area managed by the Nature Trust
Will Bullough has investigated the possibility of a village picnic area which would be mowed and maintain by the lenghtsman, however by contacting the Nature trust and reaching agreement for picnic area the Nature trust felt they have become liable if an accident occurred, therefore it would be necessary to place sign “no swimming” the need for a picnic area was raised as part of the Parish Plan questionnaire it was agreed that until the results of the questionnaire have been formalized no action to take place.

11. Complaint Planning – Concerns over the new building at Well Cottage have been reported. Hereford council have made a site visit and report verbally they would be seeking retrospective planning.
The Garlands – Hereford council have received retrospective planning for the new build however plans have been returned as not meeting requirements. Mark Lane Planning officer to update in writing.