Minutes September 10th 2009

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council held in Clifford Community Centre on Thursday September 10th 7.30 p.m.

David Morgan (Chairman) Christine Bates (Clerk)
Anthony Williams Martin Preece
Margaret Davies Candia Compton
Gill Grove David Morgan
Bill Wood (PROW Officer) Tom Davies
Richard Mighall (OSO) Will Bullough

Apologies: Tom Davies, Bill Wood, Martin Preece

Declaration of Interests – Candia Compton Mowing Commons

Approval of Minutes of the Council meeting dated July 10th 2009 All agreed to be a true record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman

Council approved payment of:
Martin Leighton Lengthsman
External auditors

Commons – Mowing
Council had received several complaints over the past month at the state of the Priory Wood Commons. Mike Tom had offered to organise regular mowing of the commons, however as the management of the commons had been passed to the Priory Wood Parishioners in September 2007 of which Ian Ruse was the lead, Ian was invited to comment on the recent deterioration of the commons and the management going forward.
Ian’s Comments –
September 2007 Ian Ruse requested volunteers to help with the upkeep on the commons, a letter to be sent to all parishioners to inform them of the details of the residents meeting with proposals of the management of the commons going forward. Progress was made in 2008 paths mowed and couple of trees planted also daffodils planted with various donations including a lovely bench. Then a second letter was sent to inform parishioners of the work completed, a total of eight people volunteered to help, all went well, but with a very wet end to 2008 , the mowing Completion was late. Chapel normally cut by Owen Lloyd.
2009 Ian began the year cutting several paths once a month with a strimmer. Then his work commitments changed, and the volunteers were absent. No communication has been sent out to prompt volunteers so as time went on the commons got neglected. Going forward Ian would like continue with the management of the commons. Suggestion being early cut in Feb there on after. 15th July is Defra date for mowing set aside. Also autumn cut if needed.
Brian Griffiths offered to top grass twice a year, but in the commons present state it will take some getting under control.
Immediate action was needed – Chairman Ian and Mike Tom to have site meeting to review situation and take necessary action, going forward Brian Griffiths has kindly offered to mow the common.
Glenys Jenkins requested that the common near her be kept short. Ian to investigate requirements.

Verges – Complaint received regarding stones placed on verges.
Clerk to contact Hereford Highways to receive copy of the legal statement on this subject. Highways to communicate this with Mrs Veronica Chomin , Llanfair House. Also to be sent to Darley Anderson ,Wall covert.
Copy of the legal statement to be placed in the link.

Reporting Information
Large pot hole Middlewood

PROW Report –
Bill Wood reported that he hopes to have walked all the footpaths in the parish within the next few months. He has checked the sign posting from the main roads and lanes and reported any problems. Particular attention to roadside styles

Update on Open Spaces as per previous minutes Bake Lane
Richard had written to the Director of Environment and Culture at Herefordshire Council questioning the amount of time it was taking to address our application, dated January 2006, for Bake Lane to be made into a public right of way. They have informed Richard that there are only two Definitive Map Modification Officers to investigate the applications and based on the figures given it could take another two years. If we could find more documentary evidence, such as tithe maps, showing that Bake Lane has been a long accepted track, this may speed things up.
Anthony Williams . Confirmed unmetal road 1840 1889 Bake lane
Priory Wood Common
Last November Richard reported that he had submitted an application to George Thomson, the County Land Agent, requesting that the recently rediscovered 13 plots comprising Priory Wood Common are formally registered as such by Herefordshire Council. Mr Thompson has on two occasions conducted preliminary on site investigations in the presence of Richard. Mr Thompson hopes to finalise this matter, in the meantime will keep Richard advised on developments.

Planning Applications
Clock Mill – Proposed Micro Hydroelectric Scheme and restoration of water wheel. – Granted
Pen-y-lan Hardwick – Change of use outbuilding to residential accommodation to form self contained dwelling.
Well cottage – New extension incorporating existing extensions at rear of cottage

Meeting closed at 8.30p.m.

Next meeting on Thursday November 12th @ 7.30 p.m.