Minutes Sept 13th 2010

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council held in Clifford Community Centre on Thursday Sept 13th 2010 7.30 p.m.

Christine Bates (Clerk) Will Bullough (Chairman)
Martin Preece Anthony Williams
Margaret Davies Richard Mighall (OSO)
Phillip Price County councillor David Morgan
Candia Compton

Phillip Price
Local Development Framework Preferred Options-
LDF Rural planning has given all local Parishes the opportunity to add their comments to the local planning options. Large numbers of houses to be accepted in Herefordshire. There has been Concern s about people in the rural parishes requesting that they require acceptance of planning application for new homes or home business premises, this now offers the choice, you may want to say no to houses. If you don’t have your say now you will miss the chance to become a named hub which would give more opportunity for planning. The planning rules will remain from now – 2026. Say nothing Clifford will remain open countryside. RA4 housing will be restricted except for farming community who may consider passing the farm business to a son or daughter who will need a home close to the farm.

Clifford Parish Council agreed to let the Local Development Framework at Hereford Council know the preferred options, as expressed in the Clifford Parish Plan. This concluded that housing development was not favoured by respondents to the questionnaire except for a small minority who were in favour of affordable housing for local people. In addition there was an overwhelming opposition to street lighting. Therefore there should certainly be no development which would require this.

Apologies: Tom Davies, Bill Wood (PROW Officer) Gill Grove

Declaration of Interests – None

Approval of Minutes of the Council meeting dated May 13th & July 2010
All agreed to be a true record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman

Council approved payment of:
Mazars – External Audit
Martin Leighton – Lengthsman

Reporting Information

A) Highways – Member of the public reported Concerns of the Speeding Traffic on ton pitch it was requested road sign showing horses and walkers. Similar sign in Breinton. Councillor reported Hereford Council is looking to reduce the road signage however Clifford Parish Council will consider once copy of the sign is produced. Suggestion is for the public to take note of the number plate of speeding vehicles for the local police to investigate.

B) Middlewood potholes to be reported.

PROW Report –stile in Westbrook bordering the main road has been cleared. Amey has been instructed to put up two stiles across Graham Powells field. There is a meeting for PPO’s on 23rd September with Council/Amey to up-date PPO’s on policy and law and update PPO guidelines. Two Kissing gates one at green lane and back of porking barn has been installed.

Commons –Priory Wood It was agreed to have a Site meeting at site 5.30 Wednesday 15th September to discuss maintenance work needed on the common as the Post and Rails are in poor condition, suggestion that autumn would be good time to replace the post / rails . The Aim is to Stop vehicular access, plant young trees and replace posts and as requested by the parishioners to reinstate the goal post albeit in a rustic format for children to play, council would also install bird boxes and possibly Owl Box.

Update on Open Spaces

The County Land Agent (CLA) had advised that the Land Registry had transferred all or part of the 4 of the 13 plots of land that made up Priory Wood Common to individuals who had claimed ownership of them. The Land Registry was clearly unaware that the land was registered common land. Further investigations by the CLA with the Land Registry and with Parish Council representatives, revealed that:

Two of the plots had been transferred to private ownership before being taken over by the present occupiers. Since the plots had been acquired by the present occupiers in good faith, and as they were small and offered little benefit to the public, RM recommended that the Parish Council take no action to reclaim them. The Council agreed this course of action.
The transfer of the third plot to private ownership had been agreed by the Parish Council some four years ago.

The circumstances of the fourth plot were still being investigated by the CLA.
Arising from this issue, the Parish Council requested that RM establish, firstly, why the Land Registry transferred registered common land to private ownership, and, secondly, why such transfer was effected without local public consultation

Planning Applications –
Priory Cottage Clifford – Proposed two storey extension to dwelling

Meeting closed @ 8.17pm
Next meeting Thursday November 11th 7.30pm.