Minutes November 8th 2007

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council
In Clifford Community Centre at 7.30pm on November 8th 2007

Present: Margaret Davies (Chairman) Christine Bates (Clerk)
Candia Compton (Vice Chairman) Gill Grove
William Bullough David Morgan Thomas Wilkinson James Towersey
Anthony Williams PD Price County Councillor
Richard Mighall (PROW)

1. Apologies for absence: Thomas Davies

2. Declarations of Interest – Candia Compton Mowing Parish Common

3. Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings dated Thursday September 13th 2007 agreed and signed by the Chairman.

4. Finance: –

a) Mowing Parish Common – Invoice for £58.75 submitted payment agreed by the Councillors.

5. Haven update– Chairman Margaret Davies and Mr Price County Councillor attended meeting at the Haven. However since the meeting, Sedgemoor the company running the Haven has ceased trading. The Haven is now For Sale.

6. Parish Plan – Minutes of last meeting attached.

7. Consider request from Hay-On-Wye Ladies Tug-Of-War Team – The ladies from the team would like to use the common opposite the Chapel for training ten ladies April – September normally twice a week, possible three times for 2 -3 hours, they are happy to mow the common once as gesture of gratitude. Councillor Tom Wilkinson voiced concerns on possible noise nuisance. Chairman requested a vote in favour of allowing the ladies to use the common. Accepted by majority vote recorded. Clerk to notify ladies of the Tug Of War team.

8. Consider request of New pavement access – Council has received request for pavement access from Clifford to Hay-on-Wye this access to be suitable for disabled i.e. Wheelchair. Clerk to write to Hereford Council to seek feasibility.

9. PROW Report:

a) Priory Common – The PROW representative related the outcome of his research, undertaken at the request of the Council, concerning the boundaries and ownership of Priory Wood Common. He emphasised that his comments and supporting documents were advisory only and should not be taken as authoritative pending:

i) Receipt from the National Archives of a certificated “Copy of the Plan referred to in a scheme for the Regulation of Priory Wood Common under the Commons Act,1899, approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries dated the 31st day of January 1929.”. This is expected by the end of the November.
ii) Confirmation from Herefordshire Council that the Council agrees the legality of the Plan and the onus of responsibility for its constituent parts.

b) Registration of Priory Wood Village Green – Notices have been
posted by Herefordshire Council to register the land as a Village Green. However, objections have been received which could delay progress. Moreover, the issue could be further influenced by the Priory Common debate.
c) Adoption of Bake Lane as Public Bridleway – A response to the application from the Herefordshire Council Definitive Map Modification Officer to adopt Bake Lane as a public bridleway is still awaited. Again, any decision could now be influenced by the Priory Common debate.

10. Planning Applications–.