Minutes November 13th 2008

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council
In Clifford Community Centre at 7.30pm on Thursday November 13th 2008

Present: Anthony Williams (Chairman) Christine Bates (Clerk)
David Morgan (Vice Chairman) Margaret Davies
William Bullough Candia Compton Martin Preece
Gill Grove Richard Mighall OSO
Bill Wood PRWO
Katie Middleton – New CSO
Katie reported only one crime incident, attempted burglary damage to window, no theft. Explanation given on the benefits of smartwater.

1.Apologies for absence: James Towersey and Thomas Davies

2.Declarations of Interest – None

3.Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings dated Thursday September 11th 2008. All agreed to be a true record of the minutes. Signed by Chairman.

4.Finance: – Council approved payment for
Hall Fees – £60 year 2008/2009
Martin Leighton Lenghtsman part payment of £500 only

5.Precept – PWL has been paid in full, reduction therefore to £4000 agreed.

6. Commons Upkeep – Due to the heavy rainfall mowing has been delayed, will be done weather and time permitting in February 2009.

7.PROW Report – Bill Wood, quarter of Clifford footpaths have been walked and accessed, broken signs have been reported, strimming programme managed by Hereford Council been have been requested on areas where major work needed, one being Little Mountain. Descriptions on local walks to be completed by spring. Bill is also involved in the Merbach Commons Project.

8.Richard Mighall OSO – Richard showed a Draft Map showing Clifford footpaths; the Parish Council accepted this format. Also agreed one copy would be displayed at the community hall.
Wall Covert – Clerk awaiting Mr Anderson’s response to letter sent 21st October 2008. If response is not received within two weeks (27th November 2008) Clerk will send a further letter requesting a response.
Leo Carpenter Ton Pitch Hedge Cutting. Further concerns. Candia to contact him to enquire about final plans for hedge and establish whether a new gateway has been made from the highway and if so whether permission was granted.

9.Highways – Greenlane pot hole returned after heavy rainfall

10.Planning Applications – Garlands – new outbuildings reported adjoining Well Cottage outbuildings. Anthony Williams to investigate.

Orchard Gardens – planning “Storage Sheds” gables with windows.
Concerns with the Storage sheds breeching planning permission given.
David Morgan to investigate.

Meeting of Clifford Parish Council
In Clifford Community Centre at 7.30pm Thursday November 13th 2008 Closed at 8.35pm.

Next Meeting January 8th 2009