Minutes November 11th 2010

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council held in Clifford Community Centre on Thursday November 11th 2010 7.30 p.m.

Christine Bates (Clerk) Will Bullough (Chairman)
Martin Preece Anthony Williams
Margaret Davies Richard Mighall (OSO)
Phillip Price County councillor David Morgan
Candia Compton Bill Wood (PROW Officer)
Tom Davies Gill Grove

Ian Ruse
Discussion of the possible change in the management of the common. Following a visit from “The Nature Trust” to look at the areas of common, they gave various recommendations; Priory Chapel Common has unusual grasses, encourage preserving this area for wild flowers. Ian was informed that Grant funding was available, to help get this area established with wild flowers and grasses. The tradition of over 40 years for the use of this area had been the children’s play area, previously having goal posts and a regular meeting place for games. Ian’s suggestion for Clifford families who were interested in creating a play area could be provided by using the common opposite Oak Cottage. Clifford Parish councillors agreed that an application for funding could be used to benefit both the children’s play area and wild flower garden. Councillors suggested that following Christmas a brief questionnaire would be distributed to all members of Clifford Parish to vote if they would like the children’s area to be located on the common opposite Oak cottage or to remain on the Chapel Common. All votes would be submitted either by Email or post. The questionnaire would be available from the School, Busy Bees, Link and Website,


2)Declaration of Interests – None
3)Approval of Minutes of the Council meeting dated September 13th 2010

All agreed to be a true record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman

Council approved payment of:
Martin Leighton – Lengthsman
Richard Mighall – Fees Working party
Hall Fees –
Hay & Brecon – Materials

5)Reporting Information

A) Highways – Westbrook further to recommendations from Andrew Lee-Jones Amey Traffic Engineer. That part solution to the speeding traffic would be for the Parish Council to fund the cost of a sign “Westbrook Please drive Carefully” Clifford Parish council would review this after Amey completed the road repairs and lining.
B) Highways – Pen-y-parc requests for speed calming as many hidden driveways and poor visibility, increased traffic school run on junction to access local primary school . Clerk to contact School with a view to raising in their School Travel Plan.
C) Clifford – clerk to request Amey look to add Red Road markings to enforce the need to reduce speed as entering 30mile speed restrictions.

6) Postal collections – Councillor reported that the Royal Mail had stopped the 3.30 collection from Clifford Post Boxes. The mail collected on Saturday am: would remain in Hay Post office until Monday therefore earliest delivery would be Tuesday. Clerk to write to Royal Mail for Clarification.

7) Neighbourhood Watch – Request they hold their meetings in the hour preceding the Parish Council Meeting, cost of Hall to be paid by Parish council.

8) PROW Report – New Metal signs at Westbrook and Whitney. Still need for replacing some signs. Bill reported there will be a presentation in September New Gates on Bridleways to have handle on top of gate, looking to rate access options on PROW the focus being access for those with disabilities 1) Gap 2) Gate 3)Kissing Gate 4) Styles.

9) Commons –Working Party completed the task to replace the post / rails . The Aim is to Stop vehicular access, work outstanding to complete plant young trees and council would also install bird boxes and Owl Box.

Update on Open Spaces
The County Land Agent (CLA) had advised that the Land Registry had transferred all or part of the 4 of the 13 plots of land that made up Priory Wood Common to individuals who had claimed ownership of them. The Land Registry was clearly unaware that the land was registered common land. Further investigations by the CLA with the Land Registry and with Parish Council representatives, revealed that:
Two of the plots had been transferred to private ownership before being taken over by the present occupiers. Since the plots had been acquired by the present occupiers in good faith, and as they were small and offered little benefit to the public, RM recommended that the Parish Council take no action to reclaim them. The Council agreed this course of action.
The transfer of the third plot to private ownership had been agreed by the Parish Council some four years ago.
The circumstances of the fourth plot were still being investigated by the CLA.
Arising from this issue, the Parish Council requested that RM establish, firstly, why the Land Registry transferred registered common land to private ownership, and, secondly, why such transfer was effected without local public consultation

Planning Applications –

Meeting closed @ 9.17pm
Next meeting Thursday January 14th 7.30pm.