Minutes May 8th 2008

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council
In Clifford Community Centre at 7.30pm on Thursday May 8th 2008

Present: Anthony Williams (Chairman) Christine Bates (Clerk)
Gill Grove Margaret Davies
William Bullough David Morgan (Vice Chairman) James Towersey Thomas Davies
Bill Wood (PROW)

Apologies for absence: Phillip Price, Candia Compton, Richard Mighall.

1. Declarations of Interest – None

2. Police Report – Clifford 2008. CSO Rosina Cathcart was please to report that the Clifford area remains a low crime area, with just 10 crimes reported in the past twelve months. With the closure of The Haven, which has been welcomed by many residents, there has been a decrease in crime reported.

3. Helen Crane – Housing Development Officer Strategic Housing Services – Housing Need Survey for Clifford. Helen will be working on an Affordable Housing programme to identify need, by sending out questionnaire details on who needs housing. They are proposing to hold a consultation day first and then conduct the survey. Once results are analysed and if a need is found for affordable housing; the houses would be built in Cusop.

4. Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings dated Thursday March 13th 2008 All agreed to be a true record of the minutes. Signed by Chairman.

5. Finance: – Council approved payment for

A) Renewal of Insurance
B) HALC Fees

6. Highways – Update still concerns on Broadmeadow road, repair work not sufficient. Broken Drain cover – Lower Middlewood large ruts in roadside Newton Lane. Hereford Council in partnership with Amey Wye Valley Ltd now have a timetable to showing Amey would be working in Clifford months, March, June, September and December 2008. All faults can be reported by email streets@herefordshire.gov.uk.

7. PROW Report: Bill Wood has walked some public rights of way in Clifford and is compiling a list of areas for improvement. Many broken stiles, also access to be cleared.

8. Richard Mighall OSO (report by Margaret) – Richard is awaiting DEFRA and Land Agency completion of registration of map which is due in July.

9. Planning Applications
Site: Council House Field
Description: Proposed outline application for permanent agricultural dwelling.
Comments: Refused by Herefordshire Council

10. Dates for Clifford Parish Meetings

July 10th 2008
September 11th 2008
November 13th 2008
January 8th 2009
March 12th 2009
May 14th 2009 AGM 7.00pm Meeting 7.30pm