Minutes May 18th 2006

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council
In Clifford Community Centre at 7.30pm on May 18th 2006

Present: Cherry Phillips (Chairman) Christine Bates (Clerk)
Margaret Davies (Vice Chairman) Stan Charity
Anthony Williams Nigel Davies (County Councillor)
David Morgan Mary Morgan
Richard Mighall (PROW)

1. Apologies for absence:
Graham Pritchard Mark Westwood and Candia Compton

2. Declarations of Interest – Mary Morgan declared interest in the planning application of Mill Cottage

3. Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings dated Thursday 9th March 2006 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

4. Finance: –

a) Clifford Community Centre Hire – Invoice received for the hire of Clifford Community Centre March 9th 2006 £10.00. Payment proposed by Councillor David Morgan and seconded by Margaret Davies.
b) Renewal of Insurance – Payment proposed by Councillor Anthony Williams and seconded by Margaret Davies. For the insurance renewal cost £304.00 June 06/07
c) Donation for the Clifford Show – Members of Clifford Show Committee have contacted the Parish Council for a donation for the Clifford Show, Mary Morgan proposed £100 this was seconded by Margaret Davies.

5. Consider representative of the Parish council to join Clifford Community Centre Management Committee – Councillors proposed that the clerk contact Candia Compton for availability.

6. Update note on Middlewood Traffic – Email received from Andrew Middlecote Assistant Area Manager Hereford council as Follows:-
I attended a meeting with the Chairman of your Parish Council and County
Cllr. Nigel Davies. We identified several possible passing places. I
have agreed to provide an estimate to construct these passing bays. At
the same time I have written to the Statutory Undertakers to check it
there are any buried services. I have also arranged for a member of my
staff to check out any existing buried drainage systems. Once this
information has been collated I will provide you with an update.

7. Parish Plan – Linda Wilcox agreed to be available for the evening of the 28th June 7.30pm Clifford Community Centre, Clifford parishioners to be notified. Parish Clerk to submit details to the editor of the link inviting everyone giving brief details on possible subjects to be discussed.


a) Priory Common – Councillors agreed that Richard Mighall should continue to progress the registration of the Common including the public highway and the northern verge. Legal assistance would be sought from Ann Davies Solicitors. It was noted that the associated costs could be as much as £1000.

b) Registration of Priory Wood Village Green – Awaiting response from County Land Agent (CofHDC).

c) Adoption of Bake Lane as Public Bridleway – Awaiting response from Definitive Map Modification Officer (CofHDC).

d) Roadside Verges – Parish Clerk agreed to submit a periodic request in Link Magazine requesting drivers on single track rods to use established passing points and not to use roadside verges. As a general rule, cars should give way to heavier vehicles.

9.Planning Applications –
Site: Westbrook Manor DCSW2006/1338/L
Description: Various Internal alterations including removal of porch extensions
Comments: Recommend No objection
Mary Morgan left the room
Site: Mill Cottage Lower Broadmeadow Farm DCWS2006/1150/L
Description: Construction two storey extension and refurbishment of dwelling
Comments: Recommend No Objection
Mary Morgan returned
Site: Walkers Cottage Clifford Herefordshire DCSW2006/1388/F
Description: Change of Use from agriculture to residential/domestic to permit retention of workshop and erection of storage sheds
Comments: Recommend Refusal
Site: Walkers Cottage Herefordshire DCSW2006/1547/F
Description: Erection of Agriculture shelter for implement/Toll Store
Comments: No Objection.

10. Agreement on Dates For Parish council Meetings 2006/07 –

Thursday July 13th 2006 7.30pm
Thursday September 14th 2006 7.30pm
Thursday November 9th 2006 7.30pm
Thursday January 11th 2007 7.30pm
Thursday March 8th 2007 7.30pm
Thursday May 10th 2007 AGM 7.00pm meeting 7.30pm

Meeting of Clifford Parish Council
In Clifford Community Centre at 7.30pm Thursday May 18th 2006
Closed at 8.45pm.
Next Meeting 13th July 2006

Communication Update since Clifford Parish Meeting of 18th May 2006

Clifford Community Centre Committee Representative – Due to other commitments Candia was unable to commit to join the Clifford Community Centre Committee, Margaret Davies proposed that Clerk would be invited to be the Parish representative, which was accepted by the clerk.