Minutes May 13th 2010

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council held in Clifford Community Centre on Thursday May 13th 2010 7.30 p.m.

Christine Bates (Clerk)
Martin Preece Anthony Williams
Margaret Davies Candia Compton
Phillip Price County councillor
Bill Wood (PROW Officer)
Richard Mighall (OSO)

Miles Barnby- Member of Public
Small gathering of Concerned Parishioners met at the old police house, following on from the new speed signage which had been in place to reduce the previously allowed speed limit in Clifford, it had been felt that this alone had not been effective. Suggestions on slowing the speeding traffic through Clifford, were, road signage and possibly flashing speed MPH signs, another method already in practice had been Tim Dugmore operating several speed checks. However, speeding continues. Clerk to speak with Andrew Lee-Jones regarding Signage on the road, position to be bottom of Tom Pitch, on the straight coming from Hay and from the Toll Bridge along the road, request possible Horse and Rider signs.

Apologies: Tom Davies, Will Bullough, Gill Grove, David Morgan

Declaration of Interests – None

Approval of Minutes of the Council meeting dated March 11th 2010 All agreed to be a true record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman

Council approved payment of:
Martin Leighton – Lengthsman

Reporting Information
A) Highways – Middlewood, Newton Lane, Newton Farm. Potholes and poor road. Clerk to send Report to Amey. County Councillor Phillip Price explained Priority is given to A and B roads, only potholes which are six inches deep with sharp edges are designated as serious potholes and will be authorised for repair.

PROW Report –
Bill Wood reported – Grading of PROW 1,2,3. Grade One being types of PROW similar to The Wye Valley Walk, this is to priorities work on replacement styles, Grade 2 walk are judged by the evidence of being well used, Grade 3evidence showing not used, work on these routes delayed. Bill has completed a Check of all roadside signs, Clifford will be targeted for PROW improvements this summer improvements such as replacement signs which would be Metal post with metal finger signs.

Update on Open Spaces
Richard had written to the Director of Environment and Culture at Herefordshire Council questioning the amount of time it was taking to address our application, dated January 2006, for Bake Lane to be made into a public right of way. They have informed Richard that there are only two Definitive Map Modification Officers to investigate the applications and based on the figures given, it could take another two years. Documentary evidence, tithe showing that Bake Lane has been a long accepted track, have been provided.
Priory Wood Common
Last November Richard reported that he had submitted an application to George Thompson, the County Land Agent, requesting that the recently rediscovered 13 plots comprising Priory Wood Common are formally registered as such by Herefordshire Council. Mr Thompson has on two occasions conducted preliminary on site investigations in the presence of Richard. Mr Thompson hopes to finalise this matter, in the meantime will keep Richard advised on developments.
Last week sent third letter, had already written twice to land registry not received any reply
No acknowledgment of receipt of his third letter to date.

Bottom Common has been mowed, Top Chapel , Ian Ruse to give us a updated on what has been decided for 2010 – 2011 note for Report to given to the council each year

Small Pond Priory Wood – When the weather permits the pond would be restored to previous size and re planted . This need to be monitored.

Planning Applications –
The Castlefields – Entrance/directional and fascia signs – Parish Council did not object.

Dates For Parish Council Meetings 2010/2011 Clifford community Centre
8th July 2010 7.30pm
9th September 2010 7.30pm
11th November 2010 7.30pm
13th January 2011 7.30pm
10th March 2011 7.30pm
12th May 2011 AGM 7.00pm followed by May Council Meeting 7.30pm
Dates to be advertised in the link and posted on Clifford website

Meeting closed @ 8.17pm

Next meeting Thursday July 8thth 7.30pm.