Minutes May 10th 2007

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council
In Clifford Community Centre at 7.30pm on May 10th 2007

Present: Margaret Davies (Chairman) Christine Bates (Clerk)
Candia Compton (Vice Chairman) Gill Grove
Anthony Williams William Bullough
David Morgan Thomas Davies
Thomas Wilkinson James Towersey
Richard Mighall (PROW)

Clerk read a letter from a Member of public
RE: Water Wheel Westbrook – George Thompson County Land Agent for Herefordshire Council, wrote on the 27th April 2007 as follows: “we had a meeting on Friday at which it was agreed that it would be an excellent idea for the water wheel to be moved, restored and set up as a feature of the parish”. Gordon Rye and Mervyn Powell to managed the restoration of the wheel they very kindly said they would give the time spent on removing the wheel free of charge as a gift to the parish. If the wheel was to be restored some materials will be needed, such as a steel support frame for the axel and wood for the buckets. Request for the Council to

1) Agree in principle to contribute a small sum for this purpose.
2) Consider where the wheel could be placed.

Resolution: The council agreed that the restoration of the wheel would be supported by the Parish council and agreed in Principal that they would contribute to the cost, however the council would need to approve an estimate of costs before purchases were made. On the location of where the Wheel would be sited, Council agreed the ideal would be a place with water, with public access. This decision would be with Gordon and Mervyn for investigation. The Council would like to thank Gordon and Mervyn for their time and generosity, with this project and look forward to seeing the restored wheel.

1. Apologies for absence: None

2. Declarations of Interest – Thomas Wilkinson Planning Application Barberry House

3. Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings dated Thursday March 8th 2007 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

4. Finance: –

a) Clifford Community Centre Hire – previously invoices for hire of community hall for Council meetings were received at each meeting, Council agreed that an annual invoice submitted in September £60 for the six meeting May 2007 – March 2008 would be acceptable.
b) Renewal of Insurance – Council agreed payment of Annual Insurance Policy of £306.76 Allianz & Cornhill
c) Web Site Set up costs- Council agreed payment of Clifford Website set up costs one off payment £750.00 David Prescott previously agreed at the March Council Meeting. No commitment on ongoing management of the website, Website to be self supporting, or managed by volunteers.
d) Martin Leighton Lengthsman Invoice received for works carried out by Martin £115.00. Payment agreed by council.

5. Parish Plan Update – Open Discussion by members of the Council who are in the Parish plan committee Margaret Davies, Gill Grove and Councilor Will Bullough. Discussion on the question which have been submitted to several focus groups points of concern such as highways, traffic speed and light pollution, Parish plan to send out questionnaire first week of July. Will Bullough updated Council on the progress of the Parish Plan and how he is investigating the possibilities of a picnic area in Clifford, suggestion of the Common land part of the Nature Trust, could be adapted as a picnic area close to the River. Will to investigate and update Council.

6. 2 Church Road- Several members of the public have contacted the Parish Council on the state of disrepair of 2 Church Road since Sid’s untimely death. Steve Wilding owns the house, Parish Council agreed that this was a private house and therefore owner’s responsibility but were concerned that as there were no boundaries to the property, stock often passed the house and possibility of damage to the property Councillor Candia Compton would speak to owner.

7. Highways Lower Broadmeadow – Road to Lower Broadmeadow was absolutely terrible, very bad potholes all the way and the surface reduced to rubble over one stretch. Council agreed Clerk to report to Hereford Highways.

8. 7. PROW

a) Priory Common –Response from Ann Davies, Richard continues his investigations on the boundaries of the Common land past communication show intention were to include boundary to the chapel wall all documentation indicates this. However the map boundaries were drawn not including the verge on the left of the road. Council has a strong case for the land registry to amend boundaries. Richard to continue his pursuit of the change.
b) Registration of Priory Wood Village Green – Notice have been
Posted to change land to Village Green. Await any objections.
c) Adoption of Bake Lane as Public Bridleway – No change Awaiting response from Definitive Map Modification Officer (CofHDC).

Richard notifies the council of a book “Our Common Land” and subscription, which would be a valuable reference for the council.
Councilors agree to cover the costs of the book and subscription.

9.Planning Applications –
Site: Westbrook Manor, Westbrook Hereford
Description: Erection of new boundary wall adjacent to the public highway
Comments: Recommend No objection
Thomas Wilkinson left the Room
Site: Barberry House
Description: Replacement of existing garage/workshop and woodstore
Comments: Recommend No objection.
Thomas Wilkinson invited back.

10.Agreement of Dates for the Parish Meeting 2007/2008 Meetings to held at the Clifford community Centre

Thursday July 12th 2007 7.30pm
Thursday September 13th 2007 7.30pm
Thursday November 8th 2007 7.30pm
Thursday January 10th 2008 7.30pm
Thursday March 13th 2008 7.30pm
Thursday May 8th 2008 AGM 7.00pm followed by MTG 7.30pm

Councillors Telephone numbers
Parish Clerk: Christine Bates 831422
Candia Compton 831239
Will Bullough 831416
Margaret Davies 831201
Tom Davies 831241
Gill Grove 831443
David Morgan 831249
James Towersey 831094
Tom Wilkinson 831441
Anthony Williams 831400