Minutes March 8th 2012

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council held in Clifford Community Centre on Thursday March 8th 2012 7.30 p.m.

Christine Bates (Clerk) Candia Compton
Bill Wood (Chairman PROW officer) Martin Preece
Phillip Price (County Councillor) Margaret Davies
David Morgan Anthony Williams
Richard Mighall (OSO) David Penrose

1)Apologies: Will Bullough

2)Declaration of Interests – None

3)Approval of Minutes of the Council meeting dated January 12th 2012
All agreed to be a true record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman

4) LDF/Neighbourhood Plans – The main reason for the presentation from HFD Council in January to offer two Parishes to be part of the Golden Valley pilot scheme £20,000 available, they are looking in the next few months to get feedback on how Parish Councils feel if they want to go ahead and prepare their own plans, core strategy is not due till February. This Neighbourhood plan will run side by side with the Parish Plan, they are to do with special development, not mandatory. If the council don’t complete plan then the Parish fall under the Hereford Council plan. Possible without this we are more vulnerable to developers. Suggestion on a small group to gather to prepare findings, four members Bill Wood, David Penrose, Margaret Davies and Will Bullough.

5) Finance Council approved payment of:
Martin Leighton – Lengthsman
Hay Dial-a-Ride donation agreed

6) Reporting Information
A) Highways –.Pot hole Middlewood Priory Farm, Mr G Powell blocked drain has been cleared. Investigation required
B) Community Centre Lights – Community Hall meeting minutes suggested reducing time on lights to half an hour from one hour, also looking to install shroud on the lights to direct light down and prevent dazzle. Council request
15min delay for lights to be on and shroud lighting.

7) PROW Report –New Metal Way marking signs erected. However, still Several more that need replacing . Stiles on Road to Hay.

8) Update on Open Spaces –
Previously, the parcels of land comprising Priory Wood Common were registered with, and managed by, Bredwardine Rural District Council. When the Rural District Council was abolished some 50 years ago, details of the Common should have been passed to the Hereford Council. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, this did not happen. With the result that Hereford Council did not register Priory Common under the 1965 Commons Act. To correct the situation, the Herefordshire County Land Agent applied to the National Planning Inspectorate earlier this year for Priory Common to now be registered under the most recent Commons Act. The application was submitted under Section 19 of the Act on the grounds that Herefordshire Council had made a mistake in failing to register the Common in 1965. The National Planning Inspectorate rejected the application maintaining that it was Bredwardine Rural District Council that had been in error and not Herefordshire Council – in which case the application should have been submitted under Schedule 2 of the Act. The County Land Agent will now reapply (and have to go through the whole rigmarole once again of advertising in the local press and putting up notices around the Common). He will keep me advised.

a) Commons ”Awards For All” Commons Grant – Trees have been received Work has began on the common to fence off work area, complete in next two weeks. Quote to provide car park mats area.

9) Planning Applications –

Meeting closed @ 8.28pm

Next meeting Thursday 10th May 2012 AGM 7.00 pm followed by Parish Council Meeting.