Minutes July 8th 2010

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council held in Clifford Community Centre on Thursday July 8th 2010 7.30 p.m.

Christine Bates (Clerk) Will Bullough (Chairman)
Martin Preece Gill Grove (Vice Chairman)
Anthony Williams
Phillip Price County councillor
Bill Wood (PROW Officer)

Apologies: Tom Davies, Candia Compton, Richard Mighall (OSO) David Morgan, Margaret Davies

Declaration of Interests – None

Approval of Minutes of the Council meeting dated May 13th 2010 to be amended and signed at following meeting.

Council approved payment of:
Martin Leighton – Lengthsman

Reporting Information

A) Highways – Continue to Report Broadmeadow Lane HR3 5TA numerous
Requests to repair Road surface.

PROW Report – Bill Wood reported work continues on improving and replacing missing stiles. There is a “Working Group for Merbach Common” who are repairing the walking routes on Merbach. The plan is to have wild horses roaming over Merbach in the future.

Commons – review Ian Ruse plan for 2010 – 2011
Ian had reported the plan was to mow hard for two years to clear the large weeds.
It was felt by many Parishioners that the Chapel common which had previously been used as a football pitch and therefore would be suitable for a place for children to play and the grass would be kept short.

Priory Chapel Common
Post and Rails are in a poor condition, suggest that autumn would be a good time to replace the post / rails estimated £331 cost. However as the aim was to Stop vehicular access, possibly this could be done with trees and short posts without the need of rails, Parish Council to consider and decide next meeting

Neighbourhood Watch – Gill Groves would like resign from her neighbourhood watch duties. Gill to consult with other members of neighbourhood watch to take this role.

Update on Open Spaces – No new updates from previous meeting minutes

Planning Applications –
The Castlefields – Entrance/directional and fascia signs – Parish Council did not object.

Meeting closed @ 8.17pm
Next meeting Thursday September 9th 2010

Member of The Public –Requested that the Clifford Parish Council ask Hereford Council to take action as the note in the Link requesting home owners who have white stones outside their homes on roadside verges should remove the stones this request has been ignored. Clerk to write to Hereford Council home owners as follows John Jones Castle View HR3 5EX , Darley Anderson Wall Covert HR3 5HG, Veronica Chomin-Czogalla Llanfair House HR3 5EX.