Minutes July 12th 2007

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council
In Clifford Community Centre at 7.30pm on July 12th 2007

Present: Margaret Davies (Chairman) Christine Bates (Clerk)
Candia Compton (Vice Chairman) Gill Grove
Anthony Williams William Bullough
David Morgan Thomas Davies
Thomas Wilkinson James Towersey
Richard Mighall (PROW)

Open Session: Brief Overview on The Haven. Manager Leslie Carpenter
Over the past four years the Haven has received some difficult children, many were placed wrongly and have since moved away, the boys ages range between eleven and sixteen years. They have all suffered emotional and physical abuse. Past few weeks they have had a boy with problems roaming on the road the boy has been managed in house, staff are highly trained and experienced and are part of a big organisation. The Haven has an area manager, Steve. Staff are restricted with what they can do, they cannot touch or restrain the boys but deal with them the best they can, staff work with the boys and ask the community to be patient. The boys can be abusive, it can take a long time for the boys to improve, and they only take them out in the community when it is right for the boys and the community. Area manager Steve explained the owners Sedgemoor is an organisation that has been running for 19 years. The Haven is not a secure facility it is the last chance for these boys, next step is a secure facility, The Haven is not locked at night with a key there is an alarm to alert staff that a boy has left the house, staff are on site at night but are not expected to stay awake. One boy has been at Haven two years and is now attending the Brookfield School in Hereford and feel this is a success story. The damage at the Busy Bees is a one off, one of the boys was new the dynamics were wrong he was moved. They work to get the dynamics right. The staff appreciates all community to contact them when boys go missing. Haven could hold maximum of four children at present two children two staff. In an ideal world the boys would stay for many years, with home visits at weekend. The boys do not attend local events; organised outings are in larger towns’ ice skating, pictures and bowling. All Sedgemoor homes are in a rural setting away from the boy’s normal environment. The children have to be housed they have rights, and the councillors are welcome to visit.
Parishioners are concerned that they are unable to get a response from the Haven, phones not being picked up and phone messages not been returned. Leslie to review this situation.

1. Apologies for absence: Anthony Williams

2. Declarations of Interest – Candia Compton, mowing of Priory Common

3. Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings and Annual Council Meeting dated Thursday May 10th 2007 agreed and signed by the Chairman.

4. Finance: –

a) Clifford Show 2008 – Councillors agreed to sponsor the children’s classes for the value of £20 for the 2008 Clifford Show
b) Account Audit costs – Invoiced received from UHY Hacker £158.63 audit of accounts 2006/2007. Payment agreed by the Council.

5. Update Water Wheel Westbrook – Letter received from Hereford Council informing the Council that work has to be stopped on the removal of the Water Wheel. The Wheel is included in the curtilage of the listed barns at Westbrook and therefore as part of a listed building, listed building consent is required for any works. George Thompson will arrange to meet Conservation Officer on site and agree how to proceed with the restoration of the wheel.

6. Update Whitney Toll Bridge –The increase of the Toll charge from 50p to 80p. This increase has been temporarily placed on hold, as the owners of the toll bridge had not followed the correct procedures for the increase. Councillors support the toll bridge as it reduces traffic through Clifford, however if they increased charge the Toll owners would need to improve the charging system.

7. 4 Church Road – The Council house has be abandoned by previous tenants, Tracy Davies has been in Clifford for twenty years and would like the council to support her application to rent the council house. The councillors agreed that the clerk would write to the Hereford Council to support her application.

8. Mowing of the Parish Commons – In Previous years the Parish Common has been mowed between end July beginning of August by Lower Court cost £50 plus VAT, discussion Council Agreed to continue this agreement for the year 2007

9. Update Parish Plan Update – Questionnaires have been sent out to every household for completion on the return of the questionnaire they will be analyzed by team in Hereford Council.

10. A highway A) Lower Broadmeadow – Road to Lower Broadmeadow was absolutely terrible, very bad potholes all the way and the surface reduced to rubble over one stretch. Hereford highways have made repairs however these repairs appear to be inadequate. B) Westbrook – Traffic Speed
Letter received from current owners of Westbrook Manor on concerns of the speed of traffic they were requesting support for speed restriction and traffic calming. The councillors agreed that Clifford has many roads which are narrow and blind to oncoming traffic, Westbrook no more dangerous than many other Clifford roads.

11. 7. PROW

a) Priory Common –Richard continues his pursuit of the change with the land registry.
b) Registration of Priory Wood Village Green – Notice have been
Posted to change land to Village Green.
c) Adoption of Bake Lane as Public Bridleway – No change awaiting response from Definitive Map Modification Officer (CofHDC).

12. Councillor’s Responsibilities planning regulations – Clarification was requested on reporting any change in land use or buildings where planning applications had not been received. Linda Wilcox HALC advised, it is in order for the clerk to query the matter with the planning officer.

13. Complaint Planning – Concerns over the new building at Well Cottage have been reported. Councillors agreed that the clerk would contact Hereford planning office to investigate

Planning Applications –
Site: Archenfield Cottage
Description: change of use of Agriculture land to domestic garden with the erection of a shed. For general garden use.
Comments – Planning permission Approved

Site: Garlands Priory Wood
Description: Single and Two storeys Extension
Comments – No objection