Minutes January 13th 2011

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council held in Clifford Community Centre on Thursday January 13th 2011 7.30 p.m.

Christine Bates (Clerk) Will Bullough (Chairman)
Martin Preece Anthony Williams
Richard Mighall (OSO) Gill Grove
Phillip Price County councillor David Morgan
Candia Compton Bill Wood (PROW Officer)
Tom Davies

1)Apologies: Margaret Davies

2)Declaration of Interests – None

3)Approval of Minutes of the Council meeting dated November 11th 2010
All agreed to be a true record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman

Council approved payment of:
Martin Leighton – Lengthsman

5)County Councillor Phillip Price – HFD Council received a reduction of funding of over 13% from the Government resulting in having to find over 10 million pounds worth of savings, 10.3 million in the coming financial year, 5.8 million in the following year. 250 full time jobs will go across the Council over the next two years. Hereford Council aims to protect the services depended on by the most vulnerable.” Full Details on attached HFD Council Communication” Doc1

6) Parish Plan Update – Herefordshire Partnership has created a database of all Parish and Town Plans completed in Herefordshire; they have provided a short questionnaire for completion on updating Clifford’s Parish Plan. Clerk to circulate questionnaire for comments please see attached Doc 2

7) Reporting Information
A) Highways – Request for Mirror at entrance to Hardwicke church – Hereford Highways will not allow mirrors on the road.
B) Salt boxes – Request to replace the blue barrel containing salt with yellow box .Also request to refill all salt boxes.
C) Church road large puddle clerk to report Amey to investigate reason ?.

8) PROW Report – Tony Thompson –Visited Locksters looking at the proposed change in Public footpath submitted by Mrs Mason .

Update on Open Spaces No change on previous
The County Land Agent (CLA) had advised that the Land Registry had transferred all or part of the 4 of the 13 plots of land that made up Priory Wood Common to individuals who had claimed ownership of them. The Land Registry was clearly unaware that the land was registered common land. Further investigations by the CLA with the Land Registry and with Parish Council representatives, revealed that:

Two of the plots had been transferred to private ownership before being taken over by the present occupiers. Since the plots had been acquired by the present occupiers in good faith, and as they were small and offered little benefit to the public, RM recommended that the Parish Council take no action to reclaim them. The Council agreed this course of action.
The transfer of the third plot to private ownership had been agreed by the Parish Council some four years ago.
The circumstances of the fourth plot were still being investigated by the CLA.

Arising from this issue, the Parish Council requested that RM establish, firstly, why the Land Registry transferred registered common land to private ownership, and, secondly, why such transfer was affected without local public consultation.
Planning Applications –

Meeting closed @ 9.00pm
Next meeting Thursday March 10th 7.30pm.