Minutes January 10th 2008

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council
In Clifford Community Centre at 7.30pm on January 10th 2008

Present: Margaret Davies (Chairman) Christine Bates (Clerk)
Candia Compton (Vice Chairman) Gill Grove
William Bullough David Morgan James Towersey
Anthony Williams PD Price County Councillor
Richard Mighall (PROW)

1. Apologies for absence: Thomas Davies Thomas Wilkinson

2. Declarations of Interest –

3. Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings dated Thursday November 8th 2007 Chairman asked for confirmation that point 7 in the minutes of November 8th were correct reference the Tug of War mowing of the Common as a query had been raised by Thomas Wilkinson. The tape of the minutes had been listened to and all the Councillors voted that the minutes were correct. Chairman signed the minutes.

4. Finance: –
PROW – Part Expenses requested reference visit to “National Archives” reimbursement agreed by Councillors
Martin Leighton – Invoice for work carried out under the Lengthsman scheme. Payment agreed by Councillors.
Parish Plan (Grant Stage 3 has been received to cover cost of following invoices)

a) Hereford District Council (HDC) – Invoice submitted for data entry from parish plan questionnaires payment agreed by the Councillors.
b) David Prescott – Invoice for working with on the “Clifford Guide” for Parish Plan payment agreed by the Councillors.

5. PROW Report:

a) Priory Common:

i) An original certified true “Copy” of the Plan referred to in a scheme for the Regulation of Priory Wood Common under the Commons Act,1899, approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries dated the 31st day of January 1929” had been received from the National Archives and was held by the PROW. (HDC) had produced and retained copies of this original.
ii) The PROW would ask HDC to confirm the legality of the Plan and the onus of responsibility for its constituent parts. Should the legitimacy of the Plan be confirmed, then, irrespective of who owned the various plots, it was probable that HDC was responsible for their management. However, in that it was known that the plot opposite the Methodist Chapel was owned by Clifford Parish Council (CPC), the PROW would recommend to HDC that day-to-day responsibility for its management be delegated to CPC.

b) Priory Wood Village Green and Bake Lane:
Pending resolution of the Priory Common issues – which could affect the status of the proposed Village Green and the adoption of Bake Lane as a public right of way – further action on these two items had been suspended. .
c) Use of Priory Common by Hay Ladies’ Tug of War Team:
Feedback to James Towersey was not favourable because of participants’ use of bad language. Feedback to Gill Grove indicated that The Boat Inn, which had previously hosted the Team, was supportive and had not experienced problems. Further discussion on the subject was deferred to the next meeting. The Clerk was requested to inform the Ladies that, because responsibility for management of the Common was in doubt, there was a question mark over their application which may, or may not, be resolved in their favour.
d) Replacement PROW:
There had been no response to the advertisement in The Link for a replacement PROW; Clerk to re-advertise.

Planning Applications–.
Green Farm

Open Session Members of Public
Request for waste paper bin outside church – control over managing bin waste would be difficult and as there was already a bin inside the church ground; request closed.
Orchard Gardens planning notice not displayed; also proposed building may be on Common land; Mr P Price to raise with HDC.
Grass verge damage- Clerk to request extra care by drivers in Link
New owner of the Chapel advised that, for structural reasons, some trees needed to be felled and that hedges would be cut back and new hedge plants introduced. Council confirmed that it had no objection to vehicular access to the Chapel over the roadside verge.
Speeding discs showing number 40 missing- clerk to report to HDC.
Several complaints on state of Clifford Roads: potholes Hardwicke turn, Archenfield Turn, Broadmeadow Lane – Clerk to report to HDC