Minutes Annual General Meeting May 18th 2006

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Clifford Parish Council
In Clifford Community Centre at 7.00pm on May 18th 2006

Present: David Morgan (Chairman) Christine Bates (Clerk)
Cherry Phillips (Vice Chairman) Stan Charity
Margaret Davies Anthony Williams Mary Morgan

1. Apologies for absence:
Mark Westwood, Candia Compton, Graham Pritchard

2. Declarations of Interest – None

3. Review Register of Interest – Councillors reviewed previous years completed forms of declaration no change. Stan Charity completed his declaration form. Clerk to send Stan’s completed declaration form to Herefordshire Council.

4. Elect Chairman – All agreed Cherry Phillips elected as chairman.

5. Acceptance of Office as Chairman – Cherry Phillip accepted office of Chairman, Margaret Davies accepted office of vice chairman.

6. Finance:-

a) Adoption of Accounts – Clerk produced copy of Clifford Parish Accounts year ending 31st March 2006. Accounts reviewed and Clerk to submit to External Auditors.
b) Review of Insurance Polices – Current insurance polices were reviewed and no changes to be made at this date.

7.Confirm continuation of PROW Officer – Councillors agreed to ask Richard Mighall if he was prepared to continue as PROW officer. (Sec Note: RM has agreed to do so).

8.Confirmation of Continuation of Contracts, Lengthsman and Lengthsman Administrator – Councillors agreed scheme working well and we would continue with Martin Leighton and Mrs S Leighton.

Annual General Meeting Clifford Parish Council
In Clifford Community Centre at Thursday May 18th 2006
Closed at 7.20pm.