Minutes 9th January 2014

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council held in Clifford Community Centre on Thursday 9th January 2014 7.30 p.m.

Margaret Davies Christine Bates (clerk)
Billie Jones Phillip Price County Councillor
Richard Mighall (Commons Officer) Anthony Williams
Karen Dowell
Will Bullough
John Neville (PFO)

Fiona Witcher
Golden Valley & Hereford Rural South Local Policing Teams
PC 2176 Wendy Powell 07811 131525 N.B. Only use the mobile numbers to leave
CSO 6173 Fiona Witcher 07779 141232 non urgent messages for us, the phones
CSO 6366 James Cooke 07779 141232 are not monitored when we are on leave or rest
CSO 6482 Katie Middleton 07779 141232 days and your message may not be dealt with
E-mail – goldenvalley.lpt@westmercia.pnn.police.uk for some time if we are away.
Non emergency number 101
Crime down from Christmas, reports of animal bones being dumped any information please pass on. Clifford Rural Watch is now up and running.
Approx 50 members.

Llanerch Y Coed Dorstone Planning Meeting
Will Bullough attended on behalf of the Clifford Parish Council planning meeting 8th January 2014 passed with serious rigorous conditions, monitoring of conditions would be monitored by Clifford Parish Council and Phillip Price.
Accommodations 26 people but on permission only to have 13 people on site at one time, key factor traffic agreed 8 vehicle movements per day. Not including the owners of Llanerch Y Coed Council need to consider how to monitor these, various penalties if this are not adhered too,
Council needs clarification so letter drafted to Carl Brace Clerk to submit letter with council agreement.
Phillip Price who was on the committee, began with an update to the committee members, he said how well Will Bullough spoke on behalf of Clifford Parish Council. The debate was very close they would support 10 to 4 votes.
Phillip’s concerns, applicant has not done a professional application.
With numbers of cars and visitors the conditions set out appear impossible to monitor.

1) Apologies, Billie Jones, Candia Compton (Chairman) David Morgan
Martin Preece (Vice Chairman)

2) Declaration of Interests – None

a. Approval of Minutes of the Council meeting dated November 14th 2013 All agreed to be a true record of the meeting and signed by the acting Chairman.

3) Casual Vacancy – Mary Morgan Will be approached

4) Finance: Council approved payment of:

a) Martin Leighton Lengths man .
b) Hereford Council Planning cost
c) Councillor Will Bullough Expenses

5) Reporting Information

Hardwicke Turn Bus stop steps to be repaired, clerk to obtain quotes.
Church Road culvert hole and road floods, clerk to report to Martin .
Blue sign “Not Suitable for HGV” Anthony confirmed Justin Priory to make bank good.

6) PFO Update:I am now in communication with Jonathan Roger and have submitted two reports to him about various problems in the vicinity of Upper Broadmeadow Farm and north-eastwards to Alt Common including the bridleway alongside the common which has fallen into disuse.
. Also some problems on Merbach Hill (although I reported last time all paths are now open, there are broken stiles and a need for clearer waymarking with a post required at the top of the path from the common down to the Bredwardine Road).
Also a need for stepping stones over the stream below Newton Farm and no way through a copse on the land above the stream.

7) Update County Councillor- Ward Report – to be attached, reported April last year and November workforce reduced by 228 people 15% reduction 380K reduction of wage bill. Catching up on pot holes before they are reappearing
Work with farmers to clear ditches on their land. Balfour Beatie to have all staff reply for jobs to select top candidates. Feb and March potential of delays.

8) Update Commons Officer:- New Benches still await fixing Richard to Speak to Nick Wilson. Repair Benching, Seats, and quote for car park. Seek separate quote from another provider as no response from Nick .

9) Neighbourhood Plan: Invites have been sent Feb 9th.

10) Consider Planning Applications

Sheepcote hedges and trees removed. Hedges environmental issue letter to be sent to see if this permission had been given or if this is permissible. Clerk to find envoi mental officer.

Meeting ended 21.05

Next meeting to be held on Thursday March 13th at Clifford Community Centre.
Meeting Starts 7.30pm