Minutes 8th September 2005

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council
In Clifford Community Centre at 7.30pm on 8th September 2005

Present: David Morgan (Chairman) Christine Bates (Clerk)
Cherry Phillips (Vice Chairman) Candia Compton Margaret Davies Anthony Williams Mark Westwood

Richard Mighall (PROW)
PC Fiona Farrington

PC Fiona Farrington
Attended by PC Fiona Farrington, who had previously that evening been investigating a break in at Hardwicke Church, the church window had been broken and the wall safe box had been taken, the value of the contents of the box was unknown. PC Farrington explained that several local churches had been targeted in the area, on a positive note she had collected several items for DNA testing with a hope of finding the thieves. She requested we all remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activities.
PC Farrington informed us of our local Beat Manager PC Fred Walsh (Telephone number 0796-7471716) she also handed out leaflets with details of “Your Policing Team in the Golden Valley” she spoke highly of the local Neighbour Hood Watch. PC Farrington also commented on Clifford traffic issues (Details given under 6.Highways). PC Farrington left the meeting at 8.15pm.

1. Apologies for absence:
Graham Pritchard
Mary Morgan
Stan Charity

2. Declarations of Interest David Morgan, Margaret Davies and Anthony Williams made Declarations of Interest concerning Applications for churchyard grants for Clifford and Hardwicke, in view that David and Margaret are members of the Hardwick PCC, and Anthony of the Clifford PCC.

3. Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings on Thursday 14th July 2005 were agreed and signed by the Chairman. The Chairman would like to Thank Mary Morgan for her hard work as acting Parish Clerk.

4. Matters Arising:-

a) Appointment of new Clerk to the Council – Christine Bates has been appointed – Subject to a six-month probation period, and receipt of suitable reference.
b) Priory Wood Common Land – Richard Mighall (PROW) had again contacted Land Agent, George Thompson to check progress of his application, but the application still remains in the In-Tray. With reference to the mowing of Priory Wood Common Land Candia Compton proposes this to be discussed at Clifford Parish Council AGM.
c) Lengthsman Scheme – The Parish council had received two payments for the Lengthsman Scheme and Martin Leighton has been paid up-to-date.
d) Clifford Well – As per minutes of the 14th July
e) Bake Lane – Richard Mighall (PROW) informed Councillors to pursue the “Modification order” he required twelve local residents who have lived in the area to each complete “Public Right Evidence Forms” several Councillors offered to distribute these forms.
f) PROW – Richard Mighall (PROW) spoke of improvement to The Network by inviting local Parishioners to come up with suggestions of Circular Routes, these routes would not be restricted to local Rights of Ways. Richard would be working on his Circular Route.
g) Parish Plan – Adjourned until Linda Wilcox returns from her Holiday.
h)BT phone boxes in Clifford-As previously mentioned in the July Minutes, BT had informed in writing “Rationalisation proposals” which proposed to convert the payphone in Priory Wood into a cashless payment option. Councillors had no objection. But had objected to the removal of two phone boxes. The Acting Clerk is awaiting reply from BT.

5. Planning Applications.
Site: The Bricklands, Westbrook, Dorstone.
Description: Erection of Agricultural building linking two existing Buildings.
Comments: No Objections.
Site: Adjacent to Byefield, Clifford.
Description: Proposed New House.
Comments: No Objections.
Site: Land at Upper Court Clifford.
Description: Residential Development of three detached two storey houses.
Comments: Refusal, appeal and further Refusal.
Site: High House, Priory Wood, Clifford.
Description: Extension and erection of new agricultural buildings.
Comments: Planning Permission Granted.
Site: Goldrill Cottage, Clifford.
Description: Demolition of existing single storey extension and construction of new two storey rear extension, with new pitched roof over existing flat roof to main existing cottage.
Comments: Planning Permission Granted.
Councillors agreed that all Planning Applications should be circulated to all Council Members, but a working Group Consisting of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, and one other, (to be determined) could meet anywhere and at any time between Council Meetings, and empowered to take decisions. In event of a contentious application, a full Council Meeting should be held and a vote taken, with the Chairman having the casting vote.

6. Highways.

a) To report any potholes or other problems requiring attention.
Nothing to report.
b) Correspondence: Dangerous Surfaces to roads in Clifford, Herefordshire Council responded on 10th August 2005, they will arrange to have two locations inspected. Namely C1182 from junction with the B4350 uphill past Ton farm and the U75206 The Priory. Dependent on the results it may be possible to include both in next year’s surface dressing programme.

Traffic Speed – Herefordshire Council responded regarding concerns over traffic speed in Clifford village. The first step is to collect traffic data to establish the speed of vehicles, from this they can determine whether measures may be appropriate, and what form they should take.
Candia Compton’s concerns were not only the speed of vehicles but the heavy vehicles which are over the weight restrictions of the Toll Bridge and which have to reverse and turn back through the village. She supported her concerns on traffic problems with a petition of forty-five signatures of local villagers. Along with a letter from a twelve year girl (Hayley Colcombe) who had been involved in a road traffic accident.
Mark Westwood suggested that perhaps the use of warning red lights showing drivers the actual speed they were doing would be effective.
Some drivers may not be intentionally speeding, and would be surprised how fast they were travelling if these warning boxes were made available.
PC Fiona Farrington, explained that traffic data will be collected by the use of laying wires across the road, this data would not only tell the volume and speed of traffic, but the type of traffic i.e. Heavy lorries. As an interim measure she would speak to Beat Officer Fred Walsh, and they would set up some Police speed traps, Policemen with Speed Gun’s. She would also investigate to see if the Weight restriction sign is still in place to direct heavy Goods lorries away from the village.
A letter of thanks from Hay & District Dial-A-Ride had been received for receipt of the cheque of £150 for the Grant year ending 31st March 2005. The Hay & District Dial-A-Ride Management Committee requested a further Grant for the year 2005/6 of £150. Proposed by Councillor Anthony Williams a cheque for £150 be granted Seconded by Candia Compton, a cheque was written and handed to the Parish Clerk, to be forwarded with a covering letter to Hay & District Dial-A-Ride.

7. Risk Assessment – Insurance and Banking, Anthony Williams had studied Clifford Parish Council’s Insurance and found adequate insurance, with one exception, Assets, which consists of, 1 bus Shelter, 2 benches, 2 notice boards. Total value £4100, additional insurance would be at a cost of approximately £50. Proposed by Mark Westwood that Anthony Williams has permission to authorise and pay extra insurance for Clifford Parish Council’s Assets. Seconded by Margaret Davies. Banking Mandate Updated – Anthony Williams provided Mandate forms to be completed by five councillors for the signing of Clifford Parish Council cheque’s, forms were to be completed by Anthony Williams, Cherry Phillips, Candia Compton, Margaret Davies and David Morgan, All forms were completed, and handed over to Parish Clerk with the exception of David Morgan who will forward at later date, once all forms completed, Parish Clerk would complete Mandate with her home address details, and submit to the Bank for registering the changes.
Further Risks Assessments – Would be deferred till next meeting, it was requested that more information on Risk Assessment was needed from Linda Wilcox. Parish Clerk to contact Linda upon her return from vacation.

8. Representation at a Data Protection/Freedom of information Awareness evening – £20 per person. Councillors agreed that at this present time no attendees would be present at this meeting. Reason for this was the New Parish clerk (Christine Bates) would be attending formal training shortly and this matter would be covered. Anthony Williams to forward details of web site for registering the Council for Data Protection to Parish Clerk.

9. Applications for churchyard maintenance grants for Clifford and Hardwicke. David Morgan, Margaret Davies and Anthony Williams left the room, due to their previous Declarations of Interest. Vice chairman Cherry Phillips takes the chair. Proposed by Mark Westwood that Clifford Parish Council would donate £100 each towards the maintenance and mowing of Hardwicke and Clifford Churchyard. Seconded by Candia Compton. David, Margaret and Anthony return to the room and two cheques were written and signed, the first cheque handed to David Morgan (Hardwicke Church Warden) second cheque handed to Anthony Williams (Clifford PCC Treasurer) Parish Clerk was requested to send a covering letter to both PCC stating £100 Given for Maintenance and Mowing of Churchyards.

10. Herefordshire Community Policing Board – Letter from Herefordshire Community Policing Board (CPB) has been circulated for comments, once councillors comments have been received by Parish Clerk, a letter of response will be sent.

Meeting of Clifford Parish Council
In Clifford Community Centre at 7.30pm on 8th September 2005
Closed at 9.35pm.