Minutes 14th May 2015

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council held in Clifford Community Centre on Thursday 14th May 2015 7.30 p.m.

Christine Bates (clerk) Martin Preece (Vice Chairman)
David Morgan Phillip Price County Councillor
Richard Mighall (Commons Officer) Candia Compton
David Bennett Billie Jones
Margaret Davies (Chairman)
Karen Dowell
John Neville (PRO)

1) Apologies, Will Bullough

2) Declaration of Interests – None

3) Approval of Minutes of the Council dated 12th March 2015 all agreed to be a true record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman.

4) Casual vacancy of Parish Councillor – Clerk to place the notice in link.

5) Finance: Council approved payment of:

A) Insurance

6) Reporting information Highways – Middlewood Bridge works completed. Brick House Culvert, Slate house 40 mile repeater still flat. Ton pitch by below Ton Farm culvert left going down second gateway unblocked but needs mechanical help road breaking away recent accident. Linz to meet on site ASAP. Water still running from Castlefields

7)PRO Update – John Neville The paths between Green Farm and Upper Castleton are well demarcated across the fields of crops.
The illegal diversion at Upper Castleton has now been removed and there is a new fingerpost and metal gate on the correct right of way on CL68.
On CL 24 near Mill Cottage there is a new gate, new steps with handrail and a new footbridge.

8)Update County Councillor- Report to be Attached

9) Update Commons Officer : Chapel Common Car Park. The contractor who had offered to undertake the work was heavily involved in another project, and had been unable to start the work for the time being. Alternative contractor(s) would be sought. It may be that we will have to resort to self-help.

Chapel Postbox. A response was still awaited from Royal Mail concerning the renovation of the Chapel post box. Royal Mail would be hastened.

Castleton Cottage Post box. A response was still awaited from Royal Mail concerning the reinstallation of the Castleton post box. Royal Mail would be hastened.

Chapel Common Litter Bin. In view of the large amount of litter left on and by Chapel Common (mainly by the Wye Valley walkers), it was agreed that a strong litter bin be positioned beside the 2 bench seats outside the Chapel. The installation work would be undertaken at the same time as the car park was installed.

10) Neighbourhood plan – await decision on Core Strategy

11) Consider Planning Applications planning application Llanerch y coed planning application and as “non material amendment” Clerk to investigate further

Meeting ended 20.22
Next meeting to be held on Thursday July 9th 2015 at Clifford Community Centre. MTG Meeting Starts 7.30pm