Minutes 14th March 2013

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council held in Clifford Community Centre on Thursday 14th March 2013 7.30 p.m.

Candia Compton (Chairman)
Margaret Davies Christine Bates (clerk)
David Morgan Martin Preece (Vice Chairman)
Anthony Williams Will Bullough
Karen Dowell Billie Jones
Richard Mighall (Commons Officer)

1) Apologies John Neville (PROW) David Penrose

2) Declaration of Interests – None

3) Approval of Minutes of the Council meeting dated January 10th 2013
All agreed to be a true record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman

A short presentation was given by Callum Mannox Reference planning application prior to submitting. Application consists of 5 single bed holiday chalets, Sheepcote, Clifford. HR3 5HU:- Use of local timber and local builders in an environmental view to build. Removal of kennels, re plant trees which will surround the one bedroom units.
Councillors concerns were flooding, Access and also environmental ethos.

Members of the public spoke with their concerns on the planning application for llanerch y coed. Clerk read the letter which had been sent to Hereford planning department, supporting the residents with their objection and concerns.
Clifford councillors requested that Phillip Price goes to the planning committee councillors. Clifford Councillors will send a delegate to represent should it go to a planning committee

4) Finance: Council approved payment of:, Martin Leighton – Lengthsman
Hall Fees
5) Reporting Information:
Map reference for new salt bins C1183 Karen Dowell to provide
(a) Highways:Potholes:
Pont Vaen Ref: 235 438
School Turn Ref: 268 445
Junction Church Road/Ton Pitch Ref: 256 451
Westbrook Manor Ref: 282 437
The Priory Farm Ref: 252 445
Middlewood Ref:292 454 and towards to Middlewood House
Church Road Ref: 253 451 (already mentioned) school bus
Newton Ref: 292 439
Newton Ref: 288 438
Ton Pitch by the well Ref: 247 459
All Locksters lane partially from Clifford’s Place Ref: 258 463
The Farm Ref: 264 457

6) PROW Update:
John Neville Nothing to report.

7) Update County Councillor-
Update of Parish bands as per monthly March report see attached.
Local Plan is on line and paper copy passed to Councillors please focus on the rural sections. On line questionnaire which has links to relevant
Sections. Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) can be advantageous to the further developments of choice example footpaths/cycle paths. Peterchurch Police station to close, the officers will still operate where from to be confirmed.

8) Update Commons Verge:
Parking area near the chapel to be reviewed as the weather improves.
Notice board to be painted Black cost of £60.00

9) Neighbourhood Plan: Question raised, Do committee need to update the Parish plan and Neighbourhood Plan. Parish plan concerns on time and resources so will attempt NP first then update Parish plan with findings. Clerk to notify members of the Parish of the neighbourhood plan to encourage members

10) Meeting ends 21.15 Next meeting to be held on Thursday 9th May Clifford Community Centre AGM at 7.00 p.m. Meeting 7.30pm

Member of public Damage of the verges, signs please do not park or drive on the