Minutes 12th November 2015

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council held in Clifford Community Centre on Thursday 12th November 2015 7.30 p.m.

Christine Bates (clerk) David Bennett
Margaret Davies (Chairman) Phillip Price County Councillor
Richard Mighall (Commons Officer) Will Bullough
Martin Preece (Vice Chairman)

1) Apologies, Candia Compton, John Neville (PRO) , Billie Jones , David Morgan

2) Declaration of Interests – None

3) Approval of Minutes of the Council dated September 10th 2015 all agreed to be a true record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman.

4) Casual vacancy of one Parish Councillor

5) Finance: Council approved payment of:

a. Martin Leighton – Lengths man
b. Melvin Pritchard – Hardwicke Noticeboard
c. Consider Precept next year Agreed increase £500 matched funding required for Lengths man

6) Reporting information Highways – Slate house 40 mile repeater still flat. Following fatal accident on right hand bend Clifford to Whitney County Councillor Phillip Price to investigate hazard signage.
Lengths man Grant & P3 Grant- Martin Leighton apologised for not completing the scheduled hours of work in the Parish he will aim for two days per week for Parish hours of work, concerns raised by Council as completion of work required and we are now 8 months into the grant year, with three quarters of allocated hours still to be completed. Councillors agreed to monitor Martin on ability to allocate his time to the jobs from now to end of March (Martin Preece to speak to Martin reinforce importance of meeting the schedule of works set out).
Additional Allocated P3 grant £2670 for work on PROW needs to be completed and invoiced before end of March 2016, Phillip Price advice was to employ contractor and spend allocated grant. As next year may be the last year this grant will be on offer, Councillors first thought on contractor would be Martin to complete work however as he needs to catch up on lengths man work councillors agree he is not going to have time to complete work for Lengths man and P3 scheme, Chairman ask councillors if they knew of someone who could do this type of work. John Neville and Clerk to coordinate contractor and schedule of works.

7) PRO Update – John Neville

a. CL 8 Path below Hardwicke Mill – the footbridge has been replaced (in my view unnecessarily) and a nice new gate on the other side to replace the broken stile.
b. CL 35 Bridleway at the side of Alt Common from Pen- y- Lan to the Llanerch-y-coed Lane has been cleared by someone and I have been with a friend to do further clearing. It still needs to have further clearing to enable horses to negotiate the southern end and a fingerpost at the road end. Linzy Outrim has been notified and will request this.
c. CL 34 From Watery Lane towards Upper Broadmeadow Farm there needs to be a fingerpost and drastic clearing of the copse- LInzy is aware of this too.
d. CL 10A adjacent to the council houses south of Priory Common – the hedge has been cut back by someone and I have cut the bank adjacent to the path in order to widen the path.

8) Update Commons Officer : Chapel Common Car Park Action is still in hand to find a reasonably priced contractor to undertake the work.
Access to Little Mountain Common through Llan-Y-Coed Farm For more 20 years, the general public has enjoyed access to Little Mountain Common through Llan-Y-Coed Farm. However,the access route is not a registered Public Right of Way, and the new owner of the Farm has, legitimately, terminated this access facility. A Little Mountain Common resident, in an attempt to revert to the status quo, has submitted a Modification Order application to Herefordshire Council requesting that the access be reinstated by formally registering it as a Public Right of Way. It is understood that there is a backlog of Modification Order applications at the Council, and that, if taken in date-of-receipt order, it could take several years for this application to be considered. In that the application relates to the re-establishment of a recently closed access route, Clifford Parish Council felt that it merited priority treatment. As Councillor Price is a member of the Committee which reviews Modification Order applications, he was asked, on behalf of the Parish Council, to investigate and lend his support for an early review of the application.
Clifford Common Clifford Common has become very overgrown, and several Clifford residents have suggested that it be opened up and made more accessible to the public, Herefordshire Wildlife Trust who own the Common fully support this initiative, and it has been agreed that representatives from Clifford and the Trust meet in December / January to discuss a way ahead.

9) County Councillor See Report
10) Consider Planning Applications planning application Re: 153165 – Lower Wyeside, Clifford, Hereford, Herefordshire HR3 5EU
Andrew Craven presented details of application above for a new dwelling, Modest house on small paddock the nearest neighbour Chris Pugh has been consulted and had some points which have been adhered too, example no windows facing his property, extra buffer of land transferred to Mr Pugh to give extra privacy, type of build Passive house efficient clad in Timber, original Hay shed in paddock today aim is this will be a car port and home office.

Meeting closed 20:57
Next meeting to be held on Thursday January 14th 2016 at Clifford Community Centre. MTG Meeting Starts 7.30pm