Minutes 12th January 2017

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council held in Clifford Community Centre on Thursday 12th January 2017 7.30 p.m.  


Christine Bates (clerk)                                    David Bennett (Vice Chairman)

Phillip Price County Councillor                         Martin Preece (Chairman)

Margaret Davies                                            David Morgan

Matthew Lloyd                                                John Neville (PRO)

Will Bullough

David Jones                                                    Richard Mighall (Commons Officer)

  • Apologies, Billie Jones, Candia Compton
  • Declaration of Interests – None
  • Approval of Minutes of the Council Meeting dated November 10th 2016 all agreed to be a true record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman.
  • PCSO 6173 Fiona Witcher representing the

Golden Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team Peterchurch Police Station

Peterchurch HR2 0RR 101 ext 4820Team mobile 07779 141232 (Non urgent messages only) gave short update, Middlewood property broken into twice. Also beware of Computer scams.  Councillors requested speed cameras B4348 Westbrook and Clifford Village.

Council Meeting Closed- Open to members of the public: Mr A. Price-Greenow and Mr. J Morgan RE: Pre -Planning application –Land to the rear of Rosamond House 4 dwellings of 3to4 bedrooms in size having single splayed entrance access onto Clifford Castle Road. They had lived as children locally and wanted to share the pre application with councillors, local neighbours opinions had not been sought yet, councillors to review plans left .Chairman closed meeting to members of the Public. Chairman opened Parish Council Meeting

  • Finance : Council approved payment for

Martin Leighton– Lengthsman D Bennett – P3

Website Design – Eyelid Productions

  • Reporting information Highways –.Request received if speed restrictions could be applied for on Ton Pitch, Vehicles go up and down at some considerable speed, particularly at school times which is also when some people are excising there dogs. County Councillor Mr Price says very little chance of getting speed restriction, Councillors agreed. Martin Preece will request school send note out to parents on reducing speed in Clifford.
  • PRO Update – John Neville

Bake Lane- Kissing gates and fencing have been installed by Dave.  John has cleared away the tip of rubbish at the Hardwicke end and also cut off shrub stumps along the path. John and a friend have cleared and re-established the path through Dr Wilson’s new plantation towards Windle Park land.

The gate above Pen y Lan ( ie. at the top of James Stoney’s plantation has recently been tied with barbed wire preventing it being opened.  I reported this to Linzy and someone from Balfour phoned me to say he has inspected it and they will re-route the path back to where it should be, through the adjacent field and on into Newhouse Wood . The fence obstructing the path on the former golf club has now had a kissing gate installed in the correct place by the owner.

The footbridge at Middlewood has now been replaced by Balfour. A collapsed field gate at the bottom of Merbach on the WVW has been reported to Linzy and she is investigating who is to replace it. Dave has completed work at Windle Park on CL60, installing a metal gate, repairing steps below the gate and also on the railway cutting where Balfour hadn’t quite finished the work they did recently.  The new handrail they installed has been accidentally damaged by the farmer who has taped it up with black tape. – he did apologise. Some stiles and a plank bridge have been damaged this year (more than last year) by farmers and contractors doing hedge cutting.  John will report to Herefordshire council that their property is being damaged.

A gate on Sheepcote Farm land no longer closes and we will replace it with a kissing gate.


  • Update Commons Officer:

Chapel Common Car Park.    The Council accepted the quote from a local builder of £1600 + VAT (£320) to stabilise and repair ground opposite to the post box on Chapel Common which had been badly damaged by vehicles parking on it.

Priory Wood Common.    Herefordshire Council has confirmed that the various parcels of unregistered common land in Priory Would had now been formally registered. It had taken over 10 years to achieve highly desirable objective, much credit being due to the outstanding support provided by The County Land Agent’s Department. A letter of thanks would be sent to Herefordshire Council. The question of ownership would now be taken up with the Land Registry.

Planning Permission.  Despite well-founded and unanimous local opposition (including that of the Parish Council), planning permission had been granted for 3 houses to be built at Priory Wood. Conflicting advice concerning the right to appeal would be investigated by Councillor Price. At the same time, Councillor Price would be sent details as to why the Parish Council felt that the decision should be reconsidered.

Core Strategy and Neighbourhood Plan.  A major factor in Herefordshire Council’s decision to agree to the above planning application was that, in the absence of a Parish Neighbourhood Plan detailing, inter alia, the Parish’s preferred type and location of new residences, the Herefordshire Council’s Core Strategy had assumed that new-build quotas should be centred on the ‘villages’ of Clifford and Priory Wood.  This questionable but perhaps understandable assumption by an outsider regarding the status of Priory Wood would almost certainly not have been made had the Parish produced a Neighbourhood Plan (and most Parishes in Herefordshire have already completed one or are in the process of preparing one). To avoid a recurrence of this potentially disturbing situation concerning new-build residences in the Parish, Herefordshire Council and Councillor Price repeated their earlier strong recommendations that the Parish should compile a Neighbourhood Plan without further delay.  It was agreed that a meeting would be called involving all Parishioners and other interested parties to discuss the matter.


  • County Councillor: Report attached
  • Consider Planning Applications planning application

Member of Public Comments: On behalf of the former Bake Lane Bike Rider Horses exercise on Chapel Common had broken the service. Notice of Basic rules for Common are required Councillors asked Richard to draw up some rules.


Meeting closed 20:43 Next meeting to be held on Thursday March 9th 2017 at Clifford Community Centre. MTG Meeting Starts 7.30pm