Minutes 11th September 2014

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council held in Clifford Community Centre on Thursday 11th September 2014 7.30 p.m.

Christine Bates (clerk) Billie Jones (Vice Chairman)
Phillip Price County Councillor David Morgan
Anthony Williams Richard Mighall (Commons Officer)
Karen Dowell David Bennett
Margaret Davies
Candia Compton

1) Apologies, Will Bullough, John Neville, Martin Preece

2) Declaration of Interests – None

3) Linzy Outtrium – Locality Steward. Linzy has been in the job for eight weeks, covering the Golden Valley and is responsible in ensuring Balfour Beatty repair road surfaces, potholes, drainage issues and public footpath coordinator. She produces monthly reports on what work is being carried out, all issues to be reported and logged using the Balfour website.

4) Approval of Minutes of the Council dated July 10th 2014 all agreed to be a true record of the meeting and signed by the Vice Chairman.

5) Finance: Council approved payment of:

a) Martin Leighton Lengthsman.
b) Richard Mighall

6) E-Consultation – Request from Hereford Planning, they request that from November 2014 all documentation s would be online for planning, for Clifford Council this was unacceptable as the internet service is not efficient enough to support this service. County Councillor Phillip Price agreed Clifford would remain as is with paper planning applications.

7) Clockmill top pool land, area of land has recently been fenced by owners of Brook Cottage, to date evidence on ownership of the fenced land has not been established. George Thompson requires representative from Parish Council, councillors were unanimous with agreement for Richard Mighall to represent the Clifford Council

8) 39A Bus Sunday services – this service was due to be withdrawn from September 28th 2014, thanks to Hay Tourism Group, Hay Chamber of Commerce , Rail for Hereford and the Herefordshire Ramblers ,they have sufficient funds to kick start a privately owned service, they approached Clifford Parish Council for a donation, councillors agreed to defer giving donation at this time and review at a later date.

9) Reporting information Highways – a recent enquiry from a Clifford Parishioner who was concerned about speeding traffic on the B4350, enquired with Clifford Parish Council to consider installing SID – Speed Indicator Device. SID is a portable radar road safety sign that provides a visual deterrent to excess speed, increasing On Site safety and speed safety awareness. Housed within a rugged, portable, lightweight housing, SID can be deployed and active within minutes. SID flashes at speed violators and also has an option to record each vehicles arrival time and speed for post processing using the new Web Based software. The request was for the devices to be located on the B4350 as cars passed through Clifford from Hay to the toll bridge and entering Clifford on B4350 from Toll Bridge. The council have investigated two cost options 1)To hire SID from Balfour Beatty, the cost would for the first year be £2500 with installation of bases and setup cost, including hire costs per month four times a year, with an ongoing hire cost per year £1200. Option 2) One off cost to purchase solar powered SID which would be permanently in situ, which could be switched on and off manually by a nominated operator in Clifford. The Cost would be £4000 per SID. Council to publish in link details of cost for Parishioners to consider fund raising.

10) Neighbourhood plan – unable to establish group of interested people to complete the Neighbourhood plan process, again request in link
PFO Update: Away

11) PRO Update –No update due to absence

12) Update County Councillor- Report to follow

13) Update Commons Officer: Clifford Parish Council Councillors
CPC – IN CONFIDENCE Our Open Spaces Representative (OPR) is meeting the County Land Agent to discuss ownership of the wooded land adjacent to Mill Cottage. If it is ascertained that there is no owner, then, as discussed at the last CPC meeting, consideration will be given to applying for the land to be given Village Green status. The application will be submitted by the OPR on behalf of Clifford Parish Council to the County Land Agent..

14) Consider Planning Applications –

Meeting ended 21.31

Next meeting to be held on Thursday November 13th 2014 at Clifford Community Centre.

Meeting Starts 7.30pm