Minutes 11th September 2013

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council held in Clifford Community Centre on Thursday 11th September 2013 7.30 p.m.

Candia Compton (Chairman)
Margaret Davies Christine Bates (clerk)
Billie Jones Phillip Price County Councillor
Richard Mighall (Commons Officer)
Karen Dowell
Martin Preece (Vice Chairman)
John Neville (PFO)

1) Apologies, Will Bullough, Anthony Williams, David Morgan

2) Declaration of Interests – None

3) Clifford Head Marie Thomas, spoke on the Project in 2011 ”Solar Panels” which were successfully installed on the Community Centre Roof, three reasons why project started, educational, hall sustainability and green electricity. The funding came from donations, Clifford School Community Hall funds and 10k from Big Lottery grant. Letter received July 2013 informed of the Ofgem new rule enforced retrospectively that any public funded solar panels are not eligible for fits payment, which gives Clifford Community Centre two options repay grant for 10K or Ofgem stop paying FITs payments, financial sense says we repay the loan rather than forfeit the FITS .This rule is affecting many communities all over the UK and is gathering momentum in challenging this ruling, Clifford School and Community centre committee are writing and objecting and joining forces with other communities in UK. However to protect the FITs payments no choice but to agree to repay 10K using an interest free loan from the Big Lottery however the loan is to be paid over five years two thousand pounds per year first payment due 1st October 2013 with present running cost the projection financially is the community hall will not be here in three years without funding. Councillors voted to cover the cost for first payment in October of £1000.00 with a view to consider March payment of £1000.00, with the hope that the rule is overturned, fund raising to commence in preparation of having to repay total 10k.

4) Llanycoed – minute for clerk to check each month for planning application. Site visit as soon planning application arrives. No response till will see planning

5) Approval of Minutes of the Council meeting dated July 11th 2013

a. All agreed to be a true record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman.

6) Casual Vacancy – No response to date

7) Finance: Council approved payment of:

Audit Costs

8)Reporting Information

a. Potholes repaired
b. Speed Restriction request to Start Scar lane continue to Westbrook to stop at railway bridge.
c. Rural Watch – Names given at the local Clifford Show

9) PFO Update: John reports He has investigated the change to the wye valley walk round Locksters and the agreement to reposition the rights of way. However unable to add waymarks as no waymarkers in Hereford Council so await delivery.

10) Update County Councillor- On September 1st 2013 Balfour Beatty commenced delivery of the service partnership with Herefordshire Council, slight start up difficulty Amey did not release data till after go live date. Recommend council re register all outstanding issues. Balfour concentrate on Inductions first week, focus is on localised working a team for each area in Herefordshire Lengthsman scheme will continue and they will be proactive with training. Investment 20 million c and unclassified roads. Phillip Price encourages the need to build good relationships with the Balfour team.

11) Update Commons Officer:- New Benches still await fixing Richard to Speak to Nick Wilson.
Chapel common parking good advice from county land agent, contact Amey 25th May ,8th July contacted again 6th September As no negative response over two twenty eight days then accept decision is granted.
Trimming around the pound, historic pound needs to be preserved, Parish Council agrees to clear and maintain the pound. Lengthsman may need help. Clerk to contact

12) Neighbourhood Plan: Invites have been sent October 8th.

Consider Planning Applications
Walkers Cottage – Members of the Public concerns as new owners of Walkers Cottage have Website http://www.hay-on-wye-camping.co.uk/Walkers.htm this gives many concerns, the access to site, the many diverse business which appear on website, shop, café, gallery, lodge and camp site, concerns on sewage. Food standards agencies. Level of alignment of festivals and events. Council had already informed Planning department to ask if any planning applications have been applied for. Enforcement officer will notify her of all the requirements. Margaret Davies and Martin Preece to speak with New owners.

Member of Public RE: Gate on Bridle Way
Original Request Charlotte Stephen Morris
Following on from our conversation yesterday I’m writing to inform the parish council members that I am giving consideration to placing of a gate, together with a personnel gate, towards the end of the track which runs alongside of The Oak. The idea is to locate the gates in a position which will safely allow vehicle (and trailer) to pull off the B4348.

The ownership of the land abutting the track is in The Oak’s curtilage and no registered owner is detailed at Land Registry as owning this part of the track.

The reason that I’m considering this is for security purposes and to control stock escaping on to the road, which has happened on numerous occasions. Having researched and received information in connection with the Local Police Briefing it is obvious that crime is on the increase in this type of area and I want to minimise risk of theft and damage to my property. This is a preventative security and safety measure because I do not want to “close the stable door after the horse has bolted”. The gates will act as a deterrent to those intent on crime but will not obstruct or impede those that have access for lawful purposes.

July Clifford Parish Council Meeting –Council Response
Request for Gate to be placed across bridle path Entrance The Oak, Councillors agreed they would not be in favour of gate, with a view for security purpose the owners can secure property which is without gate Councillors however are concerned with livestock escaping and will contact livestock owners.

Amey to be contacted.

September Clifford Parish Meeting
Clerk to Request Stephen and Charlotte send map of where they plan to erect new gate? Map to include their owned land clearly marked. A case in Worcestershire where the dairy farmer had to remove gates he put across a right of way for security and to help move cow across it. County Councillor Phillip Price recommended once details of map received to resubmit to Balfour Beattie

Meeting ends 21.45 Next meeting to be held on November 14th Clifford Community Centre. Meeting 7.30pm