Minutes 11th July 2013

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council held in Clifford Community Centre on Thursday 11th July 2013 7.30 p.m.

Candia Compton (Chairman)
Margaret Davies Christine Bates (clerk)
David Morgan Billie Jones
Anthony Williams Will Bullough
Karen Dowell
John Neville (PFO)

1) Apologies, Martin Preece (Vice Chairman), David Penrose and Richard Mighall (Commons Officer)

2) Declaration of Interests – None

3) Llanycoed – Kesrie & Paul spoke reference New planning application to be submitted, Change as no longer a wedding venue, focus is now training facility plus family accommodation. Application will include 5 geodomes. Training facilities will cater for 13 people every three days, working on 70% occupancy per annum. Maximum of 24 people with holiday accommodation.
Benefits for local community and economy – unskilled labour for cleaning gardening and two graduates possibly in the future for training.
Guests will visit area and purchase local produce. Councillors agree to a site meeting on arrival of planning application.

4) Approval of Minutes of the Council meeting dated May 9th 2013
a. All agreed to be a true record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman

5) Resignation from David Penrose as moving from the Parish of Clifford, clerk to post notice of casual vacancy .Also Advertise in the link.

6) Finance: Council approved payment of:
Martin Leighton – Lengthsman

7) Reporting Information

a. All Locksters lane partially from Clifford’s Place Ref: 258 463
b. The Farm Ref: 264 457
c. Priory Wood
d. Glanwye
e. Western Power Distribution (formerly Central Networks) tree pruning reducing and felling vegetation under and around high voltage powers lines achieve 4 metre safety clearance, Clifford Parish council land Bache Farm, Bake Lane.
f. Walkers Cottage Hedge needs trimming on public road now considered dangerous

8) PFO Update: John Continues to walk many footpaths , completion of several issues, sheepcote two new gates electric fences removed, more gates introduced rather than styles.CL42 pen-y-lan bridleway footpath has been blocked, Mr Stoney cut a way through in the wrong place, Mr Stoney informed he needed to reinstate correct right of way. CL6 two new styles to be installed.

9) Update County Councillor- Apologies sent. Monthly report distributed.

10) Update Commons Officer:- Apologies sent with following updates
Points of note regarding Open Spaces are:
Chapel Common: The Notice Board sign is now up, and the area in front of the Notice Board has been strimmed.
Benches: I still have the 2 new benches ready for positioning by the Chapel walls. It was agreed that they should be discretely secured in the same way as the benches on Chapel Common. I suggest we start the ball rolling now. It has also been agreed with the owner of the old bench with a brass commemorative plate on it that the plate may be removed and placed on one of the new benches. This old bench can then be relocated to Oak Common or Orchard Common. The other old bench would make good firewood.
Chapel Common Parking: At a previous PC Meeting, I undertook to investigate with Herefordshire Council how best to develop a roadside parking area for Chapel Common. On 25 May, I called the Highways Dept to seek advice but was automatically diverted to a centralised reception point to be advised that Amey, who have been contracted to manage roadside verges, parking, etc, does not deal directly with the public (or Parish Councils). Instead, any matters requiring Amey’s attention have to be explained to centralised reception who will pass the details to Amey. Amey will then look into the matter and respond within 28 days. It took over half an hour for the reception operator to enter the details of my request onto his computer for onward transmission to Amey. Whatever,having received no response from Amey after 44 days, I again called the Highways Dept (ie centralised reception) to be advised that Amey would be hastened and that someone from the Company would soon be in touch with me. I’m still waiting.

11) Neighbourhood Plan: Egbert Scmit, James Stoney and Charlie Hicks interested in joining committee Clerk to send invite for a meeting October 8th.

Consider Planning Applications

Meeting ends 9.28pm Next meeting to be held on Thursday September 12th Clifford Community Centre. Meeting 7.30pm

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council Local Police Officer held in Clifford Community Centre on Thursday 11th July 2013 7.00 p.m.
Candia Compton (Chairman)
Margaret Davies Christine Bates (clerk)
David Morgan Anthony Williams
Will Bullough John Neville (PFO)
Karen Dowell Billie Jones
Fiona Witcher Inspector Peter Gebbie
Inspector Peter Gebbie reporting on area covering South Hereford, Ledbury to Golden Valley, says increase in reported crime, which is significantly higher than other parts of county, community feel police are not as visible as people would like. Looking to future new structure where 24 hour a day patrols in the golden valley more information to be given in the future. From 1st October dedicated patrol in the area day and night. Closure of Peterchurch police station, but there will be a police presence, but unknown where at the moment. Crimes in area 12 reported so far this year only 11 for total of last year.
Open questions time local Parishioners to Inspector P Gebbie
Q: As you stated the Police station is going to be closed, how will we find a policeman?.
Answer-Police facility wouldn’t help in an attack situation: Call 999 police will be at facility but responses are from outside the community approx. 40 mins away.
Q: Why is crime increase higher in Golden Valley.
Answer: don’t know the reason, but this happens in areas, then once the police target the area they hope this will help, crime is not locals because people know them.
Q: Police Manpower, will this reduce with the selling of the police station
Answer: No change in manpower, just about selling and getting the money back into the force. Police will be leaner, 40% of crime will be reported over the phone. To free up officers in the area .
Q:When you report crime to CSO what powers do they have.
Answer:CSO are able to do house to house enquiries, they are able to take details of crime they take on lot of the work, working in the community, they can’t arrest people but in September they will be able to hold.
Q:999 how do police find us as sat nav can’t find
Answer:Telephone number can find name address and on the radio they have a mapping system to track.
Q:There is no feeling of security. Two incidents in last 12 ,quad bike stolen small livestock trailer, rang first thing in the morning response was 4pm reply crime number given for claim on you insurance no one looked for the trailer, following week a Builth show where field of gypsies, no one looked for the trailer could have been on site.
Van came to the buildings, rang with the number, 30 mins before returned the call. Smartwater no use if you’re not looking for item.
Answer; Don’t ring community officer, ring 101 or 999, public should not use mobile number.
Issue with mobile numbers as reporting crime .always ring 101 first if an issue.
Rural Watch
Q:How many police officers in Hereford
Answer: 170 constables plus inspectors, 3 twenty four patrol Ross- on-wye in ross 6 Leominster 4 dog team, cid team, burglary team