Minutes 10th November 2016

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council held in Clifford Community Centre on Thursday 10th November 2016 7.30 p.m.

Christine Bates (clerk) David Bennett (Vice Chairman)
Phillip Price County Councillor Martin Preece (Chairman)
Margaret Davies Billie Jones
Matthew Lloyd Candia Compton
Will Bullough
David Jones Richard Mighall (Commons Officer)

1) Apologies, David Morgan John Neville (PRO)

2) Declaration of Interests – None

3) Approval of Minutes of the Council Meeting dated September 8th 2016 all agreed to be a true record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman.
Council Meeting Closed- Open to members of the public: RE: Planning application 163327 – White House Farm Proposed erection of an agricultural building for Barn Eggs Production. Chairman opened with opportunity for parishioners to speak:- Will Gardiner handed round response to the Application from residents of Archenfield and District with signed petition (please see attached document 1), he then read out his objections (please see Attached Doc 2,) following this Egbert Smit also gave his objections referring that Industrial buildings should not be in the countryside but on an Industrial Estate, increased traffic and environmental issues. Support for the application came from Mary Morgan, the planning application was submitted by her tenant, before supporting this application, she had visited similar Agricultural buildings of the same use and found no smell, building had a low profile, also in response to the question is Moore estate going to have many sites with similar buildings, her answer was “no”. Hugh Morgan the applicant gave answers to questions raised, concerns on traffic, two Lorries per week, and yes to providing local employment, shed cleaning would be once every 13 months chicken manure would be used on both his farm and local ones, this would only replace the chicken manure that he and locals are buying elsewhere today and there is a need for farmers to diversify to succeed. Chairman then confirmed all comments had been heard, informed all that Clifford Parish Councils comments would be submitted to Hereford council Planners and published on planning website as notification awaiting details of resubmission. Chairman closed meeting to members of the Public. Chairman opened Parish Council Meeting

4) Finance : Council approved payment for
Martin Leighton– Lengthsman D Bennett – P3
Clifford Community Centre – Hall Hire 12 months
Grant Thornton -External Audit Annual Return

5) Lengthsman Grant and P3 Grant Scheme 2017/2018 with the reduced funding from Hereford Council and the increase required from the Parish Precept. The Parish Councillors have requested we apply for 50% of grant available this will then reduce amount needed to increase precept from £2000 to £1000 on 2017/2018 precept.

6) Reporting information Highways –.Hereford Council have been informed by BT that they will be removing the 2 phone boxes in Clifford, looking at the report from BT no calls have been made from these boxes. Clerk to report Pot Hole Greenlane farm

7) PRO Update – John Neville sent report ahead of meeting
The kissing gates have been installed by Dave and he will shortly be installing the fencing. The problem with the fencing at the former golf club is still ongoing. I did see Elizabeth Haycox and she said they had a gate and had also had a visit from someone from Balfour. They need to go there with GPS to determine the exact location for the gate. I have been round most of the footpaths to assess what is required in the way of repairs and have received materials. Other than that I am doing general clearing. At Hardwicke Turn someone has dumped a load of rubbish including tyres so please could Martin remove these I have reminded Nick Kerner about the notice board and am still waiting

8) Update Commons Officer:
Priory Wood Common. Herefordshire Council has confirmed the likelihood that the various parcels of unregistered common land in Priory Wood would be formally registered by the end of the month.
Bake Lane. The recently acquired gates for either end of Bake Lane had now been installed.

9) Transparency Fund – Clerk applied for grant to provide Clifford Council with laptop and website to comply with the Transparency act. Application was successful Funding received and clerk to purchase equipment and apply from HALC for the recommended website provider.

10) County Councillor: Awaiting report

11) Consider Planning Applications planning application
163327- White House Farm confirmation on Resubmission 161600

Meeting closed 20:43 Next meeting to be held on Thursday January12th 2017 at Clifford Community Centre. MTG Meeting Starts 7.30pm

Planning Comments White House Farm 1

Planning Comments White House Farm 2