Minutes 10th November 2005

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council
In Clifford Community Centre at 7.30pm on 10th November 2005

Present: David Morgan (Chairman) Christine Bates (Clerk)
Cherry Phillips (Vice Chairman) Candia Compton Margaret Davies Anthony Williams Mark Westwood Graham Pritchard
Mary Morgan Stan Charity

1. Apologies for absence:
All present

2. Declarations of Interest Anthony Williams made a Declaration of Interest concerning reimbursement for payment of the Internal Auditors Fees.

3. Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings on Thursday 8th September 2005 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

4. Matters Arising:-

a) Hints (Herefordshire Informal National Training Strategy)/Clerks Bursary Scheme – Open discussion and invitation to attend training. Agreement was Parish Clerk would attend the necessary courses needed to study for the CiLCA – certificate in local Council Administration. The cost of training would be offset with the hope of a successful application of the Clerks Bursary Scheme. Proposed by Councillor Margaret Davies the approval of £200 cheque to HALC Seconded by Anthony Williams . Parish Clerk to apply for the Bursary Grant.
b) Parish Clerks Fees – Parish Clerk submitted invoice for fees from 8th September to the 10th November 2005. Payment Proposed by Councillor Margaret Davies and seconded by Anthony Williams.
c) Minute Book – The current Minute Book has only a few empty pages left, all agreed that the clerk would order a new Minute Book from Shaw’s & Son Ltd where Clifford Parish council have an existing account. Payment upon receipt of new minute Book.
d) Auditors Expenses – Cost of Internal Auditors services £12.00. Payment Proposed by Councillor Margaret Davies and seconded by Mary Morgan. Cheque signed and collected by councillor Anthony Williams.
e) Clifford Parish Council Audited Returns 2002,03,04,05 – UHY Hacker and Young had returned approved audited annual returns for year 31st March 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005, cost £141.00 for each year. Payment Proposed by Councillor Mark Westwood and seconded by Councillor Candia Compton. Parish clerk to reply to UHY Hacker and Young with completed notice of conclusion for each year, completed feedback questionnaire, and request that they amend records to show contact details of the new Parish Clerk. Notice to be placed on the Parish Notice Board giving members of the Public fourteen days to view accounts.
f) Statement of Community Involvement on Planning in Hereford – Hereford Council requested Councillors complete questionnaire on previous experiences of the community regarding planning, Councillors Mary Morgan and Margaret
Davies kindly completed questionnaire. Parish Clerk to return the Completed questionnaire.
g) Marches Housing Development Section contact update – All agreed that the information from the Marches housing development to be circulated to all councillors.
h) Highway Maintenance Plan and Winter Gritting Leaflet-All agreed that the Highway Maintenance Plan and Winter Gritting Leaflet be circulated to all councillors.
i) BT Phone Boxes in Clifford – following on from minutes of Clifford Parish Meeting 8th September 2005 4. h). The objection of the removal of two payphones 01497 831220 (Nr Sheepcote farm) and 01497 831311 (Nr Clifford school), BT response was that this had resulted from last years consultation.
j) Registration of Priory Wood Village Green – Subsequent to the Meeting, Richard Mighall (Parish Footpaths Representative) notified The Chairman that The County Land Agent, Mr. George Thompson, had advised RM on 11th November that new rules had been introduced which simplified the process of registering Village Greens. Mr. Thompson was hopeful that our application submitted on 1st March for the registration of the Priory Wood Village Green would soon receive attention and that, subject to it being non-controversial, could well be approved within the next few months.
k) Status of Bake Lane – Richard Mighall notified The Chairman that the process of applying for the incorporation of Bake Lane into the definitive map and statement of public rights of way in Clifford Parish continues. Thirteen individuals have confirmed on a Public Rights of Way Evidence Form that they have enjoyed at least 20 years of uninterrupted use of the Lane. This is a sufficient number to justify submission of a formal application to Herefordshire Council for changing Bake Lane’s status from one of ‘no man’s land’ to becoming a public bridle way. The application will be submitted to Hereford Council by mid-December.

5. Planning Applications.
Site: The Bricklands, Westbrook, Dorstone.
Description: Erection of Agricultural building linking two existing Buildings.
Comments: No Objections.
Herefordshire District Council Granted planning permission 21st September 2005
Site: Land Adjoining Tonteg, PoolPardon, Clifford DCSW2005/3067/F
Description: Change of use of land from agricultural use to residential use.
Comments: No objections (provided no subsequent application to build)
Herefordshire District Council Granted planning permission 2nd November 2005
Site: Westlea, Westbrook, Hay-On-Wye.
Description: Proposed new dwelling. Change of use of the cabin to provide facilities for clients, with office space. Alternative site for outdoor manege.
Comments: Several objections
Herefordshire District Council Refused planning permission 1st November 2005

6. Parish Council Precepts 2006/2007 – Request from Herefordshire Council for precept requirements for 2006/2007 it was agreed that in addition to the £3500 requirement the clerk would contact Steve Oram for an estimate for parish election expenses, as it is normal practice to include this expense.

7. Registering the Council for Data Protection – Parish Clerk provided confirmation of registration for Data Protection act 1998, Registration Number Z9235297. Security Number 10602929 registered from 18th October 2005 – 17th October 2006

Meeting of Clifford Parish Council
In Clifford Community Centre at 7.30pm on 10th November 2005
Closed at 8.15pm.