Minutes 10th July 2014

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council held in Clifford Community Centre on Thursday 10th July 2014 7.30 p.m.

Christine Bates (clerk) Billie Jones (Vice Chairman)
Phillip Price County Councillor Martin Preece (Chairman)
Anthony Williams
Karen Dowell David Morgan
Margaret Davies Will Bullough
Richard Mighall (Commons Officer) John Neville (PFO)
Candia Compton

1) Apologies, David Bennett, Will Bullough

2) Declaration of Interests – None

3) Approval of Minutes of the Council and AGM meeting dated May 8th 2014 all agreed to be a true record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman.

4) Finance: Council approved payment of:

a) Martin Leighton Lengthsman.
b) Melvin Pritchard
c) Hay –Dial-a-Ride

5) Reporting Information
Highways: Greenlane, Middlewood yellow highlighted potholes over month.
Priory Road, Corner by Council houses locksters all have potholes for repair.

6) Hay –Dial-a-Ride – letter asking for support Councillors agreed to donate £300.

7) Marquee – Quote for cleaning looking for estimate around £300

8) PFO Update: I talked about the changes occurring with the Rights of Way Dept at Hereford Council. – primary routes such as WVW will continue to receive priority. The rest of the network will be managed by the Locality Team headed by the Locality Manager, Alasdair Macdonald. The new team should be working by the end of August. Footpath issues I have reported to Hereford Council largely consist of overgrown stiles and obliterated paths through crop fields and quite a number of loose and broken stiles. I have so far this year covered the Clifford side of the B4352. Problem areas are between Priory Farm and Clifford Road, Poolpardon, Sheepcote and Upper Castleton

9) Update County Councillor- Ward Report to follow

10) Update Commons Officer:-
Little Mountain Managed committee agreed ownership to be with Parish Council
Richard to send details on actual graziers Approx 15

11) Neighbourhood Plan: Agenda September

12) Consider Planning Applications – none
Meeting ended 20.24 Next meeting to be held on Thursday September 11th 2014 at Clifford Community Centre. Meeting Starts 7.30pm