Minutes July 2018

Minutes of the Meeting of Clifford Parish Council held in Clifford Community Centre on Thursday 12th July 2018 7.30 p.m.        

Christine Bates (clerk)                                    Richard Mighall

Phillip Price County Councillor                         David Jones (Chairman)

Margaret Davies                                             Will Bullough (Vice Chairman)

John Neville                                                  Simon Forrester

David Morgan                                                  Candia Compton

Billie Jones                                                     Martin Preece

  • Apologies, Matthew Lloyd
  • Declaration of Interests – None
  • Welcome New co-opted Councillor Simon Forrester
  • Approval of Minutes of the Council Meeting dated May 10th 2018 all agreed to be a true record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman.
  • Neighbourhood Plan – Meeting Clifford parish Boundaries and call for sites
  • Breech of Planning : Clifford Parish Councillors requested Clerk forward Breech to Hereford Planning Department
  • Castleton Barn: Outdoor Film Entertainment and Alcohol licence several complaints received, clerk to refer to the Hereford Environmental Department and Hereford Licence for Alcohol and Temporary Events Department.
  • Priory Wood Common – Management chapel common clerk to request via link to ask all Parishioners for thoughts on how they would like the management of the commons. In September Link

Priory Wood Common Scheme of Regulation.  A draft revised Scheme of Regulation for Priory Wood Common would be drawn up for consideration by Councillors and subsequent approval by Herefordshire Council.  Wayleave.  A cheque for £24.55 had been received from Western Power Distribution for the annual wayleave payment for the power poles and stays on Chapel Common. Clifford Common.   It was noted that details of a Clifford Common Clearance Working Party to be held on 28 July were posted on Parish notice boards.

  • Finance :Clifford Parish Councillors approved payment for
  1. Hereford Council core strategy 2011-2013 Book
  • Reporting information Highways – B4348 Report from resident in Westbrook on recommendations of improving traffic, Parish Councillors did not object to resident following up with Hereford Highways.
  • PRO Update – John Neville – Update Commons Officer: John has done clearing on Merbach Hill and repaired a broken handrail on the WVW. Also clearing of other paths. He has done a repair job to the upright on a stile on CL24. John has met the new PFO of Cusop (Sharon Marsh). They both attended a useful meeting of PFOs at Balfour Beatty.  The future for the funding of the P3 scheme is still being discussed.  Also better ways of coordinating between Locality Stewards and PFOs to avoid overlapping of work.Non- PFO work- Richard Mighall chain sawed a tree completely blocking the path on Bake Lane.  John did clearing on Bake Lane prior to Herefordshire Ramblers walk led by Philip Bauer. John and Philip cleared undergrowth and fallen trees on the Herefordshire Way in Whitney Wood and cleared around the waymark posts at the request of Jenny Bullough who owns part of the wood .John has only had 2 offers of help as a result of his request for volunteers in the Link.  He has had one other offer via Christine.
  • County Councillor:. Monthly Report Attached
  • Consider Planning – Planning application. Westbrook Court application for Five Holiday lets, Parish Councillors expressed the comments of local residents they did not support this application for many reasons, County councillor Phillip Price notified of a Planning committee meeting to be held

Meeting closed 20:22 Next meeting to be held on Thursday

September 13th 2018 at Clifford Community Centre. Meeting Starts 7.30pm