Clifford Neighbourhood Plan

Clifford has now started to develop its Neighbourhood Plan, with a target completion date of 2019. Updates will be posted here regularly.

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Clifford Neighbourhood Plan draft Section 14 

Meeting Housing Requirement Report and Site Assessment

Report on Local Green Space Site Assessments

16 December 2019 CNP minutes_revised


12 Nov 2019 CNP minutes

Action items from CNP meeting of 5 October 2019

Summary of CNP meeting on July 9 2019[1]

Summary of CNP meeting on May 9 2019

Summary of CNP meeting on April 6 2019[1]

October 2018: The steering group is currently drafting the neighbourhood plan. Please contact for further information.

12th July 2018: A public meeting took place after the parish council meeting, where options for settlement boundaries in Clifford were presented for discussion. A small number of local residents attended the meeting.

21st May 2018: The steering group has been meeting regularly to begin drafting policies for the plan, a call for sites, and settlement boundaries. There will be another meeting of the steering group at Clifford Community Centre at 9.30am on Monday 25th June. All steering group meetings are open to the public. We would be grateful if you could email us at if you would like to attend, so that we are aware of numbers.

10th March 2018: Update during community breakfast. This was not very well attended with around 10-20 residents speaking to members of the steering group. Issues raised included concern over lack of affordable housing in the parish and the need to decide settlement boundaries in Clifford.

6th February 2018: The analysis report has now been produced which sets out the findings of the resident questionnaire. Please click here for the report and click here for the appendix. There will be a feedback session at the community breakfast on 10th March at Clifford Community Centre.

September 2017: The resident questionnaire for Clifford is currently being drafted. We hope to hand-deliver it to all local residents during October.

If you were unable to attend the public launch of the neighbourhood plan in July 2017, please click here to download the information pack, or contact for a hard copy or to send through your ideas. Click here to read the feedback from the public event.

28th Sept 2017: Steering group meeting to finalise local questionnaire.

4th Sept 2017: Steering group meeting to finalise local questionnaire.

14th August 2017: Meeting of steering group to start developing local questionnaire, Clifford Community Centre, 12.30-1.30pm.

16th July 2017: Public launch for neighbourhood plan, Clifford Community Centre, 12.00 – 3.30pm.

3rd July 2017: Next meeting to plan public launch event.

6th June 2017:  Meeting to plan public launch event. Click here for minutes.

30th May 2017: First meeting of full steering group, click here for minutes. The group agreed Terms of Reference and set a date for the public launch event.

The first meeting of the Neighbourhood Plan steering group took place at Clifford Community Centre on 30th May 2017, 12.30-1.30pm. If you are a local resident and would like to join this steering group to help guide the development of the plan, please email us on

All welcome. If you have skills and experience in any of the following areas we would be very keen to hear from you: project management; planning; legal; finance; communications; event management; administration.

Neighbourhood Plans were introduced under the Localism Act in 2011. This legislation elevates the influence that local communities can have in the planning process, putting our views on a par with the local authority in planning land development, new housing, and related issues such rural employment, renewable energy schemes, etc.

Plans must conform with county and national planning policies. But within this framework we, as a community, will be able to reflect our local views. This is not a charter to prevent change but rather to focus and guide new development. The Neighbourhood plan will carry the same weight as Herefordshire Council’s Local Plan, representing a considerable opportunity for local residents to shape Clifford’s future.

Dorstone’s Neighbourhood Plan is available here. Further information about neighbourhood planning is available here.

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